Paris - April 2019

(This post features a paid product placement: the 'Gava' short sleeve midi dress from iClothing's new eco-friendly and sustainable 'Aware' range.)

Paris is one of the big loves of my life. I return every year, without fail. The architecture, the fashion, the dogs, the food, the wine, the art.. the list goes on as to why I'm so obsessed with it. 

My girlfriend and I decided to book a trip over for my 26th birthday earlier this month and it was an absolute dream to ring in the latter half of my twenties in my favourite city. We went to Disneyland on my actual birthday, as we're both total kids at heart and Disney nerds. It was my idea of heaven!

Over the course of the next few days, we explored Paris and ate until we ached. We stayed in the Le Marais area, my favourite, and tried a handful of the new wellness cafes that have popped up around the city (Cafe Berry being our favourite, see their 'Special Avocado Toast' below).

We admittedly didn't pack correctly for the weather, as it was cooler than expected. However, it was warm enough during the weekend to wear this beaut camo-print dress* from iClothing's new sustainable 'Aware' range, which uses recycled materials such as cotton, buttons and labels to create on-trend and eco friendly clothing. You can shop the range here

Exhibition-wise, I felt we had hit the jackpot as we attended both the Helena Rubinstein exhibition in the Jewish Museum (a makeup lover's haven) and saw the latest collections in the Yves Saint Laurent museum, featuring his iconic 1960's Mondrian dresses. 

I'm already counting down the months until we can return again to Paris and overeat croissants. It really does have an air of somewhere special and I suppose that's why so many people love it.

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