Monday, May 18, 2015

OOTD feat. Kloth Vintage & Nike

CLICK TO SHOP: Fringed jacket - Depop (similar here) | Vintage blouse* - Kloth Vintage | Tank top - Penneys | Vintage Levi jeans* - Kloth Vintage | Air Max trainers* - Nike (similar here) | Sunglasses* - Harlequin Vintage (similar here) | Scrunchie - American Apparel | 'Balance' gemstone ring* - Regal Rose | Necklace* - Rad Rocks | Yes Equality badge - Yes Equality shop

Photography - Sarah Hanrahan


Monday, May 11, 2015

OOTD feat. ASOS & H&M

CLICK TO SHOP: Fishnet sweater* - Nicole x Missguided (similar here) | White midi dress - ASOS (similar here & here) | Bra* - H&M (similar here & here) | Boots - ASOS (similar here) | Rose gold hoop earrings* - H&M (identical here)

Photography - Ciara O'Doherty


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

OOTD feat. Topshop & 8 Cubes of Sugar

CLICK TO SHOP: Fluffy pink jumper - Topshop (similar here & here) | Easy jeans - American Apparel (identical here) | Trainers* - Daniel Footwear (similar here) | Holographic backpack* - 8 Cubes of Sugar | Michael Kors watch* - Joshua James Jewellery | Sunglasses* - Harlequin Vintage (similar here) | Leopard-print scrunchie - American Apparel


Monday, May 4, 2015

OOTD feat. Warehouse + H&M (and a little catch-up!)

CLICK TO SHOP: Duster coat* - Warehouse | Top - H&M (similar here) | Zipped skirt - H&M (identical here) | Tooth necklace* - Bloody Mary Metal | Air Max trainers* - Nike (similar here)

Photography - Ciara O'Doherty


Hi everyone! It seems like ages and ages since I've written directly to you all, on a personal level. I'm sure you've been wondering where I've been over the last month; despite a few posts here and there. 

March-April was a really tough time for me and my family as we dealt with quite a sudden illness hitting a close relative, someone I consider an extra parent to me. Without going into details, it really shook me and between that going on, and college, I had to step back from everything for a bit. I tried to keep the likes of my Instagram and Twitter updated so everyone didn't think I vanished into the universe altogether but yeah, it's been tough these last few weeks.

I'm having the time of my life in college but I must admit that I found my first semester very overwhelming. Only this year, in semester two, have I felt like I've found my footing, an amazing bunch of people and the joys of "college life". I thought balancing my blog and attending art college would be somewhat more doable than if I went to a regular university but it has been tough trying to find the balance between everything, as I'm sure a lot of students know. 

I'm in my sixth year blogging now and alike to a lot of my fellow blogging-veterans, I sometimes feel and worry if people are getting bored of me, my outfits and my general goings-on. I stepped back from it for my sanity, my happiness and to clear my head but I also stepped back as I admittedly have gone through a bit of a rut lately in terms of drive and inspiration.

I love my blog, what I do, my readers and the opportunities it all gives me but I genuinely do worry that I've had my hey-day. Blogger friends such as Zoe have really inspired me to open up to you guys here; I've held back a lot since my jaw surgery, as I've felt comfort in keeping some aspects of me and my life, private. I started all of this at a naive 16 years of age, I've made mistakes along the way and I'm quite frankly sometimes anxious to let you guys in that extra little bit.

April was quite a scary month but luckily my relative is doing well; he is home, he is alive and he is healthy. I can't express how emotional it makes me feel to even type that! We're all so relieved. 

I feel a genuine surge of enthusiasm has lifted me over the last few days and I really feel like maybe I needed to step back from everything and reflect. I'm going to try and introduce new things into Thunder & Threads - to keep you guys interested, and me interested; whether it be new blog series', more beauty reviews or what have you; as always, I'm open to suggestions! 

I guess I just wanted to let you guys know how I'm currently feeling and where I've been. Not a day goes by where I don't pinch myself over how lucky I am to have such loyal and dedicated readers - always chatting to me, asking how I am and consistently encouraging me.

I have a majorly exciting Summer planned and it has cheered-up right up; I'll be attending Download Festival with Helen and Amy and I'll also be going interrailing around Europe with Helen for 2 weeks in July! AHH, I am so excited. I can't wait to write up my travel diaries. There'll be more surprises along the way but I'm allowed to tell you guys those two announcements for now!

Thanks so much for sticking around, whether you're an old reader, or new. I've had my highs and lows of this career but the fact I even get to call all of this a career, makes me smile. I feel very positive about the next eight months of 2015 and I hope that reflects on my blog.


P.S Irish peeps: The closing date to register to vote in this month's Marriage Referendum is TOMORROW. If you're unsure whether you're registered, log on to checktheregister.ie ASAP. If you're not registered, print out and fill in THIS form, have it signed and stamped by a Garda and hand it in IN PERSON to your local county council before 5pm tomorrow

This vote is the most important vote of my life thus far. Many of you know I'm an avid campaigner for human rights - my LGBT family and friends need your YES vote so they too can have the right to marry whomever they love. Please VOTE YES on May 22nd.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vodafone DIT Young Designer Fashion Show 2015 - Finals Review

This week, I attended the absolutely AMAZING final show of this year's Young Designer DIT fashion design competition, in Vicar Street. The atmosphere was electric, the show was immense and the clothes were to die for. It was possibly the best college fashion show I've ever attended; the choreography and styling were flawless - I'm completely in awe of DIT's fashion society for putting on such a successful show.

Rob Kenny and I were on the lookout all night for the best dressed guy and gal; each winner would walk away with a new HTC One M9* handset courtesy of Vodafone Ireland, so everybody was dressed to the nines! My favourite looks are below, including the winners, Ciara and Eric. 

The overall design winner of the night was Griffith College's Lamis Goumaa with her tailored menswear look, 'Fauna'. It was great to see a menswear designer win for the first time ever and no doubt the prize will help launch her career. It was truly an honour to attend all of the shows and be in the company of such successful and creative Irish talent, it really stood out how much brilliance our tiny little island can produce.

Monday, April 13, 2015

OOTD feat. River Island & Michael Kors

CLICK TO SHOP: Fringed jacket* - Missguided | Chiffon cami top* - Urban Outfitters | Bra* - H&M | 'Molly' jeans* - River Island | Michael Kors watch* - Joshua James Jewellery | Studded sandals* - River Island | Sunglasses* - Marc Jacobs

Photography - Sean Mc Namee


Friday, April 10, 2015

Vodafone DIT Young Designer 2015 - Behind The Scenes & Model Street Style

I popped along to the rehearsals of the upcoming DIT Young Designer of the Year fashion show final this week, it was really exciting meeting the fashion society team at DIT - who were all running around planning everything and seeing the models practising their walks - Tyra would be proud! 

Myself and Rob Kenny were asked by Vodafone to pick out some of our favourite outfits at the rehearsals. It was tough whittling it down but I absolutely adore the looks I photographed, featured here; student style can be tough on a budget but I loved hearing where everyone picked up their pieces and what bargains they've found in the sales and online. We'll be choosing two winning outfits at the fashion show final next week, where two people will win a brand-new HTC One M9* phone so it was great practise spotting the best looks.

The Vodafone DIT Fashion Show final is next week on Tuesday April 14th in Vicar Street. Tickets are at €20 (or €15 for students) and you can buy them online here. Net proceeds of the show will go to the wonderful Jack & Jill Children's Foundation

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

OOTD feat. River Island & Poprageous

CLICK TO SHOP: Leather jacket - Vintage (similar here) | White crop top* - River Island | Blue velvet bell bottoms* - Poprageous | 'Vault' hat - UNIF @ Urban Outfitters | Head chain* - River Island | Bracelet pack* - River Island | Sandals (just seen)* - River Island

Photography - Sean Mc Namee