London Fashion Week BooHoo Blogger Shoot - The Rainbow of Hair

There are many, many amazing things that come my way through blogging and one of the greatest sides to this crazy little world is meeting some of the most creative, like-minded and amazing individuals - and being able to call them my friends. During London Fashion Week this season, myself and five of my close blogging pals were put up in the amazing Citizen M hotel by BooHoo and two majorly exciting group photoshoots were arranged featuring Boohoo's key items for SS15.

This photoshoot was based on all of us as a whole group, but as individuals too. We all share similarities style-wise and blogging-wise, whether it be our love for grungy leather jackets or coloured hair (evidently) but we all have our own unique twist and this photoshoot celebrated our differences as well as our similarities.

It was amazing to collaborate with these girls and the amazing photographer Oscar May for this. We stomped around Somerset House, arm in arm, and were proud to fly the flag for the alternative and quirky bloggers of this ever-growing industry.

You can shop everyone's key BooHoo pieces via the widget at the bottom of this post (make sure your AdBlock is switched off to see it). Thanks so much for the amazing engagement and feedback on the photos we've all posted on social media and blogs throughout the last week, it was truly an amazing experience and a weekend I'll never forget.

(To see my individual outfit shoot from this day, click here.)




  1. This is such a cool shoot! I love the last photo... the green is so good on you Leanne! :)

  2. I am getting such serious hair envy!


  3. You all look damn amazing! x

  4. My favorite bloggers all together <3333 You guys look amazing, I love all the hair colors together :)

    XX www.laurenlouvaine.com

  5. Such great pictures, you all look so amazing and sassy!


  6. You are so beautiful. Love the colors of your hari!

  7. You guys look like the coolest girl gang ever! I also love seeing clothes on real girls with personalities.


  8. I've been seeing these photos pop up over instagram, you all look fabulous!

    Louise x

  9. Woahhh you all look like major babes <3 xx


  10. I love these photos, you all look like such babes. Loving your hair at the moment!

    Inspiration for the Imagination

  11. Definite hair envy going on right now! I was so close to dying mine silver a few weeks ago but because it would take so long for the colour on my hair to lift I ended up just going darker. Kinda maybe regretting it a little now...

    This photoshoot is honestly amazing, I've adored seeing the images cropping up over Twitter and Instagram the last couple of days! xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  12. fab lady!


  13. You all are looking gorgeous! Hair envy is a definite!


  14. Oh my days!! You're all so cool!! <3 Love all the colourful lips too!


  15. You're all so fab, major hair and wardrobe envy!

    Alice | www.whatalicewore.co.uk

  16. The photos Oscar May took of you are fantastic, but then how could they help but be? All six of you look stunning. Boohoos outfit pieces look wonderful on all of you. I like the look of the Boohoo sheer striped tee you styled in your outfit. I can't get over how gorgeous all of you look - it's almost overwhelming seeing all of you together. You have fashion-tastically fabulous friends. I really love all of these photos.


  17. I love the different hair colours!


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    Diana Cloudlet

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  20. LOVE the colours and outfits, and that there are so many alternative/quirky bloggers as you say ;) I'm another Leanne, btw.

  21. LOVE the colours and outfits, and that there are so many alternative/quirky bloggers as you say ;) I'm another Leanne, btw.

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