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 I've wanted an iPhone sooo badly over the last few months, and my kind Uncle gave me his hand-me-down iPhone 4s back in November. It was in perfect nick, I was over the moon to receive one at last! One of my favourite things about iPhones are the covers you can get for them; all of my old phones weren't that popular, so cases were pretty difficult to find for them. I currently own these two cases for my iPhone, and I switch them up constantly. I know every Tom, Dick and Harry owns an iPhone these days, so I thought a review on both would be useful and hopefully interesting for you guys.
The first cover I picked up was this turquoise floral clip cover, from Accessorize. They sell these in-store and online, but I actually purchased it from Meteor in Dundrum (an Irish phone company). What attracted me to this cover was mainly the colour (no surprise there), but also the protective cover for the phone's front screen. Unfortunately I'm quite a clumsy person, and my phones always end up a tad battered after a few months. I've heard endless complaints about how easy iPhone screens are to break - and how expensive they are to fix, so I bought this to save myself money in the future. I use this cover constantly, especially if I'm out and about. I've had it for nearly 3 months now and it's still in perfect condition. The front flap not only protects the screen, but it also stops it from getting grubby. It was €10 to buy as far as I remember and 100% worth it. I plan on buying more soon!
Caseable recently contacted me to see if I was interested in designing my own custom iPhone cover and reviewing it a few weeks ago. Of course I said yes; the idea of putting a picture of my choice on my phone cover excited me! I chose my favourite pin-up girl: Gil Elvgren's 'Riding High' witch from 1959. It's extremely easy to design the cover yourself on the website, it gives you easy to follow instructions along the way. It's such a great idea for gifts; especially for friends and family members. You can add personal photographs, a picture of their favourite band, painting etc - it's such a brilliant idea! The case itself is made from sturdy plastic and it protects the phone well. However, my phone did fall off of my bed last week and the case slightly broke where the volume control buttons are. However, it doesn't affect the phone or the case, and it's barely noticeable. It's €24.90 for each iPhone 4s desig. Caseable also let you create covers for a range of phones, iPads, Kindles etc. I highly recommend checking the website out - I love my unique phone case; I'm constantly being asked where I got it!
Do you own an iPhone? What cover/s do you have?


  1. I dont own an iphone, but i did, and to get a case is like super easy spesh if you have ebay, i loved chopping and changing between my cases! and finding new and cute cases to go with. Gutted i changed to a different brand of phone now :/

    Pipp xx

  2. these cases are gorgeous! I love how the floral one covers the screen xx

    Shannen | shann-mariee-dee.blogspot.ie

  3. I really need one! My case is so boring!
    I have a giveaway on my blog and I thought you would be interested. It's a coach giveaway.

  4. Love the design on your customised one! Definitely have to check out that site!


  5. Such cute cases!! i love the vintage one! I really want to get a new cover for my phone as mine is so plain and boring :/ DIY maybe??


  6. To keep your phone safe wherever you go, you need to get the iPhone cover case and it is really very essential. Some of you might think why do I need a cover for my iPhone but it is necessary to use a cover so that your iPhone will be protected from any damage during using or travelling.


  7. Love the Caseable cover!

    Your blog is great Leanne you have a great sense of style!


  8. I have a Jack Wills sillicone case on the back of my phone, but had to buy one of those cheap screen protectors because I'm paranoid of scratching!

    These look great as they protect it from scratching whilst it's in your bag!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xx

  9. I'm so tempted to have an iPhone.. but I think it's really pricey and I don't want to spend ALL my money on a phone like that. Nice cases though!

    Great post!


  10. These are amazing!!



  11. She's my favourite Gil Elvgren pin-up too. I wish I had an iPhone just for the covers!
    The floral one is lovely too.


  12. So cool, I love the retro style of the first one! xxx

  13. Do you know if Caseable will work for US customers?

    The pin up is SOOO cute! I have an obsession with all of the cute pin-ups. Have you ever checked out Anne Taintor? It's not pinups whereas it's more 1950's housewives ads with sarcastic humor. You might get a kick out of it!


  14. Really like the accesories cover, I want an iphone!

  15. That pin-up cover is amazing! The one I currently use on my phone is kinda holographic and crystal-like (there's a photo of it on this post http://jemappellehannah.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/i-did-some-damage-to-my-bank-balance.html ☺) X

  16. I got my 1st iphone 2 weeks ago and I don't regret it, it can do everything! I've been looking for a case but I cant decide whether to go really crazy or just keep it basic! I love the idea of creating your own though! great post Xx


  17. These cases are amazing! I don't have an iphone but I want to buy one just for the cases you can get haha x

  18. Among all the iPhone cases available in the market, I love to buy the one with flip and 3D image. Moreover, I love funk colored cases like the one shown in picture.

    Sara William
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  20. I recently saw this great case where the case actually housed a spare battery for those that can't seem to keep a charge all day. I, like many others I'm sure, struggle with keeping my battery fresh for my entire work day since I use it so much for work purposes. I personally have this awesome monster iPhone Case that is nothing but aesthetically pleasing, but now I'm thinking about my options for a battery phone case.

  21. This case is gorgeous. wow it look so beautiful. i like it very much. This iphone 5 case is too different from other cases.

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  25. I always design my own iPhone 5 coverand to be honest your designs inspire me to be more creative. Keep these great posts coming.

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