Diet Coke's Fashion Friday #2: Keep Warm This Winter!

Hi everyone! My second post for Diet Coke's Fashion Friday will be a "cool" take on the Mammy speech for keeping warm this Winter..
  • I used to always laugh at my Nana when she told me to wear thermal vests during Winter, I looked at their childishness with no interest whatsoever and then continued to venture outside and freeze. At the humble age of 19 however, I have definitely changed my mind on the subject. You can pick up packs of long-sleeved thermal vests in Penneys, Dunnes - you name it! They aren't the most attractive piece of clothing to wear, but you'll be glad of it under your top when you step outside in below 0 weather!
  • I wear tights under EVERYTHING; whether it be leggings, jeans, disco pants or another pair of tights. An extra pair of thermal tights go a long way! They keep your legs extra snug, and prevent you from catching chills whilst walking in the snow, or the freezing wind.
  • I don't need to tell you all about the importance of wearing hats, gloves and scarves but I seriously see such a lack of these necessities on people - especially men in their 20s, and teenage girls. Why that is, I do not know. Hats keep the warmth from escaping your body, gloves and scarves are quite self-explanatory and they'll save you from getting a 4 month long flu throughout the whole of Winter. I recommend getting woolen scarves, lined furry hats and faux leather gloves. You can still be fashionable, whilst keeping warm!
  • Bring an extra cardigan out with you, even it's a flimsy €5 one from Penneys. Roll it up, and pop it in your handbag and it could save you from getting the chills on a night out. That extra layer is a lifesaver, and they take up no room at all in your handbag.
  • Avoid jumping into the sea mid-November, in a wedding dress. Not that I've ever done that for a photoshoot.. 

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