Boots Vitamin E Moisturisers - Review

I bought these 2 moisturisers last month in Boots, as I'm currently testing out different skincare routines. I was dying to try them out, as they sounded fantastic and were as cheap as chips - 2 for €5! Both of them also claimed to be suitable for all skin types, so I couldn't go wrong.
I bought the daytime and nighttime moisturisers, the day moisturiser containing an SPF of 15 (a must) and the night moisturiser being richer in formula. The packaging is lovely and they fit neatly into my skin products box. 
The daytime moisturiser is gorgeous! The scent is lovely (quite perfumey, but it tones down throughout the day), it doesn't take long to sink in and it makes my skin feels hydrated and super soft! It's fine to wear under makeup, but I just applied an extra bit of powder on to mattify my t-zone area. The SPF of 15 is good, as I always like to feel my skin is protected all day but I do wish it was higher. It was only €2.50 though technically, so beggers can't be choosers!
The nighttime moisturiser was lovely also, it was great to know my skin was getting extra hydration over night. The scent is the same as the daytime moisturiser and it doesn't sink into the skin for a while (it's a thicker formula), so definitely only wear this going to bed, as it wouldn't suitable for under makeup.
Daytime Moisturiser - Back of the tube.
Overall, both of these moisturisers are fantastic. They're such a bargain at 2 for €5 (around €2.50 each), and they offer brilliant and beneficial ingredients for your skin. My skin has definitely improved over the last month and my dry patches are almost gone. I'll definitely continue using these, and I'll be sure to check out more of Boots own brand products in future.

What are your favourite daytime and nighttime moisturisers?