Christmas 2010.

Christmas is exactly a month away now, and to be honest, I'm quite excited! Sadly enough, I was never a Christmas person, well for the last 7-8 years anyway. I found out Santa wasn't real around the age of 10/11, I was told off a friend, who also decided to ruin for our whole class by telling them. I was devastated, absolutely in shock and I genuinely couldn't believe it. After that, Christmas never felt the same for me again. I envy my little sisters on Christmas, trying so hard to go to sleep on Christmas Eve, yet so eager to try and hear the sleigh bells! Getting up at the crack of dawn, charging down the stairs and finding all of your gifts from Santa. I don't think that moment will ever leave someone, that happiness. Possibly the happiest you could ever feel. 
Back to the point, I started to sort of, not bother with Christmas then. I became a sort of Scrooge with it and only looked forward to Halloween (which is still my favourite holiday) each year. Mum, even up to last year, had to wake ME up to go and get my presents. I suppose the excitement just isn't there anymore, maybe some sort of excitement but nothing could equal the Santa excitement. I have always enjoyed spending time with my family (or families) on Christmas. Seeing my Dad's side, my Mom's side and my Stepmom's side, it's hectic! 
I've matured so much this year, I really have. I notice the difference between me and my younger friends more, when it comes to school, careers etc. So it's made me more excited for Christmas, not even for the presents but just spending time with my family. Unfortunately, I won't be spending it with my Nana and Grandad as she'll be in Portlaoise for it, but most of my family I'll see. I was in town (the city centre) the other day, and the Christmas lights are up all over the place. It looks amazing, and go nice with the freezing weather we're having at the moment.. very festive!
It's tough times in Ireland at the moment, we're going through a complete Recession breakdown. The 4 Year Plan was revealed to us earlier today, and it hits us students extremely bad. As you all know, I'm moving to London next Summer but over there they could be highering university fees up to £9,000.. which is scanadalous! Fingers crossed for me anyways, I hope I win the lotto haha! I'm not expected my family to go all out and buy everyone expensive gifts this year obviously, I'll be happy if I even get a gift of all family members. I won't expect to because you have to be aware of the tough times ahead.
My parents are split up, so I've always received 2 main presents on Christmas - one from my Mom and her partner James and one from my Dad and Emer, my Stepmom. This year off my Mom and James, I'm getting a Sigma make-up brush roll. Sigma make-up brushes are popular all over the world, they're basically as good or even better, than MAC make-up brushes. They are all handmade and are a fraction of the price would pay for MAC! The roll I'm getting is $149.00 and that's a bargain for the quality of the brushes and roll you receive, I can't wait to get it. I'll be doing a ton more make-up tutorials for you guys once I get these brushes.

Off my Dad and Emer,  I'm getting another tattoo hopefully, which I'm keeping a surprise for you! it's dedicated to my Grandparents and will be on the inside of my lower left arm, above my other tattoos. I also want get Lush goodies, particularly the 'Snow Fairy' gift set and I shall be picking up about 5 Snow Fairy shower gels myself, as they're only limited edition at Christmas time and they are amazing!
That's all I've asked for really, I'll probably get a few surprises here and there but I don't expect anything more and I'm really excited about these gifts! I'll do a blog post and video showing you guys what I got and stuff, so you'll see!
What are you guys getting for Christmas and what are your plans?