Repeal Chain is a National College of Art and Design final year project between myself (BA Visual Culture) and Dearbhla Ní Fhaoilleacháin Ryan (BA Visual Communications). 

The aim of Repeal Chain is to spread vital information and further awareness in Ireland and abroad, about the current fight for Irish women's full bodily autonomy. Abortion is currently ILLEGAL in Ireland. Approximately 10 women a day travel to the United Kingdom to undergo a safe procedure, as they cannot access it in their homeland. This is unacceptable.

Ireland needs to repeal the Eighth Amendment immediately so women can access FREE, SAFE and LEGAL abortions, without risking their lives and experiencing judgement or fear.

Repeal Chain hopes to spread said information across the globe via social media; using catchy graphics, photography projects and other forms of media. We want to attract the attention of those who might not be aware of this current human rights crisis.

You can follow the Repeal Chain project here: Twitter / Instagram





Feel free to save the images below and print them/ use them however you wish. We're aiming to collect photos and documentation of those outside of Ireland in particular, demonstrating their support for #REPEALCHAIN and Irish women via social media. Irish people are welcome to too, of course!

Upload a photo of whichever image you prefer (or both) displayed in YOUR hometown, in your environment, with you or however you choose. 

(We're hoping to print t-shirts, stickers and badges in the near future of our current and future designs. Keep an eye out on our social media for updates.)

If printing or photographing isn't possible, we welcome any form of creativity supporting this project - just make sure to tag and link us so we can see and repost! Go raibh maith agat.