I'll always prioritise trust, transparency and honesty between me and my readers. 

I'd like to clearly state that the above system covers the following social media accounts that I currently run: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

AFFILIATE LINKS: I use Reward Style affiliate links and a linked app called 'liketoknow.it' to share items that I've found online and items I'm wearing in photos, that my followers can directly shop themselves. I earn a % of revenue from each closed sale.

I have a genuine interest in personal shopping and see this as a way to introduce my followers to 'new in' or interesting pieces, that they might not have been aware of otherwise. I browse online sites daily to stay updated on trends and I enjoy sharing my finds with people - as I would friends.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Any sponsored social media posts are marked clearly with #ad. (#ad will be the only sponsorship indicator hashtag used from November 2016 on (not #sp/ #spon), due to it being easily understood and visible to followers.)

BLOG SPONSORSHIP: All sponsored blog content from January 2017 on will include the above asterisk system that has been in place for years, as well as a mention at the foot of the post indicating that the post has been sponsored by a particular brand/ company. This is to ensure further trust and transparency between my blog readers and I as I enter my eighth year blogging.

If there's any confusion regarding the above, please feel free to email me: