Reflections & Changes | 2019 Update

Well, here I am! Back at it with a blog post. I haven't written a blog post since last April, just before Ireland's abortion rights vote and when my brain temporarily sizzled out. 

2019 is my tenth year blogging. It's hard to believe that I started this platform back at the tender age of 16, stuck in the hell hole that was school and longing for an outlet to express my love for all things fashion. Fast forward a decade (I feel ancient even typing that) at the age of nearly-26 and I'm still working in an online world that allows me my own hours and my own rules. For that, I am ever grateful to teenage me.


We won our abortion rights vote back in May last year by an unexpected but welcome landslide. Throwing myself into repealing the 8th activism was one of the busiest but most rewarding periods of my life and finding my footing in a feminist cause has no doubt influenced my future.

I was grieving the sudden loss of my grandad during this time also and to say it took its toll on me would be an understatement. Between my lack of drive due to the emotional exhaustion of grieving and the stress of the vote, my online work was enormously affected.

Brands didn't want to be associated with someone so outspokenly "political". Many followers disagreed with the notion of women having full bodily autonomy and the right to choose. Fellow bloggers didn't like being asked to use their platform for something other than a laxative tea promotion. The follower drops came in the thousands, my Gmail inbox shrunk and I was broke AF.

Nevertheless, I persisted with campaigning and knew it was worth it in the end - to repeal the 8th amendment and to give myself the time and space to properly process all that was happening around me. 


Currently, I'm going through a personal and professional shift. I've rediscovered my spiritual path and have started prioritising this element of my existence in order to find true joy and peace in life. The world seems to be imploding around us and searching for coping mechanisms within a spiritual space is crucial for me.  

I'm also going through an online shift regarding my content, my audience and my priorities. I still discuss fashion, travel and beauty (topics I'll always love and got me to where I am today) but I have found a responsibility and opportunity to promote the likes of intersectional feminism and environmental awareness alongside them. 

My interests have pretty much stayed the same but my ethics and obligations have dramatically changed. I use cruelty free products over big brand testing companies. I choose well and I buy less. I don't watch haul videos because I know it encourages impulse shopping. I share eco-friendly tips hoping even one person makes a small and simple change in their day to day life. 

I've grown up and I've become increasingly aware of the power of having an online platform and the real changes you can influence by using your voice.


I'm excited for the year ahead and seeing what my tenth blogging anniversary brings me! I'm working through my anxieties and planning future content that'll cater to a conscious, creative and openminded reader/ follower/ subscriber (hint hint). 

Thank you for sticking by me and Thunder and Threads. Chat soon!

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