Time Off & Repeal Chain

Greetings, dear blog readers! I've been so out of touch with everyone on my blog for the last while due to college, that I thought I'd address it. I'm currently halfway through my final semester of my degree and to say I'm drowning in work (and stress) would be an understatement.

Unfortunately my blog and the like have "suffered" over the last year or so due to my studies; my degree has been a priority of mine since the get-go and being able to work in an industry such as blogging/ social media has been a student's dream: I can work my own hours, I'm my own boss and I can control my own content. However, it also means I've had to say 'no' to a lot of incredible opportunities because of college and most content has had to be put on hold for now.

I don't see this as a negative, as such. My blog and platform have always been there. I'm always interacting with my followers; I haven't lost touch with it. I've just had to rejig my time and priorities. I'm excited to launch into everything full-steam ahead when I finish college. I have so many ideas, that I've a pile of notebooks packed full of projects and blog posts building up beside my bed.

We're coming to the end of February so I thought it was an appropriate time to give you guys a big heads up: from now until early June, my blog will be put on hold(ish). Not entirely, I'll still do a blog post here and there if I can. (I also need to earn an income, of course, so if a 'blog job' pops up that's doable for my schedule, I'll welcome it with open arms!) 

I'm forever tweeting, forever snapping and forever instagramming so do follow me on those platforms if you want to stay updated and whatnot! Thanks for your patience, as always.

You might have noticed a new page tab above. I'm collaborating with my wonderful friend Dearbhla for a final year project called 'Repeal Chain'. It's a social media awareness project aiming to spread the message about Irish women's current fight for abortion rights in 2017's Ireland. We're determined and passionate about educating those in Ireland, and abroad, about our current struggle for safe, legal and free abortion services: a right and choice every woman should have.

Irish women are currently seen as vessels and it's wholly repugnant and a extreme breach of human rights. We cannot wait any longer for a right and service that should be available without judgement, without fear and without the weight of a 14 year jail sentence hanging over our heads.

Please do check the page out for further information and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We have so many exciting things planned for the project and we hope to get as many people involved in it as possible. #repealthe8th 

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