2016 was a truly memorable year for me, as I accomplished my wish of travelling to America - twice! I ventured over to San Francisco with Airbnb on a press trip in April and fell head over heels with the city. I adored the architecture, the atmosphere and of course the amount of dogs everywhere.

I saved up and booked a double trip to New York and Los Angeles during the Summer. It was a dream of mine to visit both and I knew I'd get the most out of the experience if I went at it alone. I went sightseeing, tasted amazing food, met up with friends here and there and most importantly, I developed further confidence and trust in myself by going solo. I can't wait to return!


This September, I was asked to be involved in one of my biggest blog campaigns to date. Gap and I teamed up for a 'Do You' blog collaboration and a personalised event, which involved a window display showcasing me and my curated Gap outfits, on one of Ireland's busiest shopping streets. 

It was one of my favourite jobs to date and alike to my America travels, it really boosted my confidence and belief in myself - and my "brand". 


The most "life-changing" of all events this year for me was by far undergoing laser eye surgery, thanks to Optilase. I have a full experience blog post coming up next week but to summarise, I feel like a new woman. I haven't had decent eyesight since I was a toddler and my quality of life has improved dramatically since October. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.


Another big goal of mine was to buy a Chanel bag. It might seem daft to some but the entire reason I'm involved in fashion and adore every aspect of it, is down to Chanel itself. My Nana is Coco Chanel reincarnated and I was always 'aware' of the brand and its aesthetic since I was a child.

I did my first projects in primary school on dogs and the history of Chanel (no surprise there) and ever since, I've been determined to save up and own my very own Chanel bag. I was finally able to purchase my 'Classic Flap' in October and the entire experience was so special. It felt like an enormous milestone for me to reach professionally.


I worked in Newbridge Silverware's Museum of Style Icons for my college final year work placement. It's a highlight for me because over the 12 days, I worked alongside the team on the unveiling of Marilyn Monroe's Jean Louis "Mr President" dress. I visited their archive room, studying pieces worn by greats such as Grace Kelly and Greta Garbo up close. On my final day, I even helped with the display of newly-bought Marilyn Monroe pieces including her medal above. 

My work experience there was an honour and I doubt I would have had the opportunity to stand alongside or hold an object belonging to one of my idols otherwise. It was an Old Hollywood nerds dream! I'll never forget it.


2016 was no doubt an extremely negative and upsetting year for the world - between a Trump presidency, the heartbreaking refugee crisis, the death of icons and many more, it really shook a lot of us to our core. Despite the above achievements and highlights, 2016 was a wakeup call for me; personally and politically. I hope 2017 sees an increase in compassion and empathy for all.

Here's to a new year - my eighth year blogging. Thanks for sticking around!

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