My Best Festival Moments in collab w/ Reading Festival 2016

Before I trot off to Reading Festival* later this month, I've teamed up with them to bring you the tales of some of my favourite festival moments and memories. I was going to do a festival fashion piece or advice post, but they've been overdone to death. Instead, let me entertain you with tales of being on stage with Metallica, overwhelming line-ups and mud.

My first ever festival experience was Oxegen 2010. I reluctantly bought a 4-day ticket with my group of friends at the time and yearned for summer to come along so I could pop my festival cherry. I was 17 so needless to say, it was both an equally fun yet terrifying experience. (I cried in my tent one night to my Mum because I was scared. Need I elaborate?)

It's one my favourite festival memories however because every time I think back to it, all I remember is watching Florence and the Machine in all her glory live and casually deciding to dive head-first into a swimming pool of mud. I'll never not die laughing at it. I also have a somewhat hazy memory of seeing Eminem live, which I'm sure was great too. Cheers vodka.

One of my first 'big' overseas blog collaborations, was back in 2013 with Boohoo. I attended Parklife Festival over in Manchester with Zoe, Chyaz, Lily, Tasha and Becca. It was such a big deal for me at the time; travelling overseas, staying in a hotel and hanging out with the UK bloggers! 

We saw Iggy Azalea live (before she was problematic, ahem) and I recall gorgeous memories of me sweltering in my all-black (do I ever learn?) faux leather dress all day. Myself, Chyaz and Zoe also went out that night to some underground metal club in the city and all I remember is moshing, passionately, to Pantera - a successful weekend altogether.

Irish festivals tend to be pretty great all-round so it's hard to choose my ultimate favourite memories from all of them. Meeting Warpaint at Forbidden Fruit 2014 was a definite highlight, as was witnessing the beauty and talent of HAIM at Longitude 2014. Their drum solos are out of this world! Tame Impala were magical at this year's Forbidden Fruit too; the atmosphere was gorgeous, as was the sunset. Body & Soul is always a creative's paradise each year; anything dripping in fairy lights and dreamcatchers has me at the get-go.

Download last year was a true pinch-me moment, as it was the first festival I've attended catering to a specific 'type' of music. Seeing the likes of Slipknot, KISS, Mötley Crüe and Marilyn Manson within 3 days of each other, was beyond brilliant. Meeting Vinnie Paul (Pantera) in the guest area was also a solid "WHAT IS MY LIFE?!" moment. Something I'll cherish forever.

I know I may sound incredibly biased here, considering this post is a collaboration with Reading Festival BUT Reading 2015 was by far my No.1 festival experience yet. I went along with my favourite UK blogger friends and two of my closest mates from Dublin came over on the Saturday too. The line-up included While She Sleeps, Bring Me The Horizon, Pvris, Wolf Alice, Kendrick Lamar and Metallica. Now, let me tell you about Metallica.. 

I wrote about it in full in my festival diary last year but long story short, my friend Eoin and I were randomly headhunted out of the crowd to go on stage with Metallica on the Saturday night. Standing on the main stage, with one of the greatest bands of all time, in front of thousands of people was absolutely petrifying, beyond surreal and still makes me speechless to this day; as my Dad said afterwards, I doubt I'll ever top that festival memory! 

I'm heading off to Reading Festival in two weeks with The Blogger Programme and yet again, the line-up is absolutely phenomenal; A$AP Rocky, Chvrches, The 1975, Foals, Disclosure, The Neighbourhood, Good Charlotte, Hinds, Fetty Wap.. I could go on and on. 

Weekend tickets are sold out but there are still Friday and Sunday tickets here. I'll be bopping around all weekend - if you spot me, do say hey, there's nothing I love more than meeting you guys!