Longitude Festival Diary 2016 | #BeatHayfever with Boots Ireland

I recently attended Longitude Festival with Boots Ireland to test out some of their products to beat fay fever and stay safe in the sun. I developed hay fever badly last spring and to say it's a pain, would be an understatement. I wake up each day unable to breathe properly and sneezing non-stop on an hourly basis is the norm. It's a hindrance for work and daily activities but especially during festivals, when you're surrounded by pollen, grass and other bacteria floating around the warmer air.

Boots are encouraging hay fever sufferers to visit their local Boots pharmacy or their website to see what products will work for them. During a meeting with one of their hay fever experts, I learnt that layering up products makes a huge difference. I'm currently taking anti-histamines but since testing the products below, I layer them up with nasal spray and eye drops for the best effect. I've also found using the anti-bacterial foam regularly reduces the spread of pollen to my face and clothes. 

The festival itself was a dream - as always. It was my fourth year in attendance and it seems to be expanding in scale by the summer. Seeing Kendrick Lamar and Chvrches live for the second time was a total dream - both acts were born for the stage! 

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