San Francisco Trip | #LiveThere with Airbnb

Last month, I was invited over to San Francisco to explore the city and 'live like a local' by the wonderful people over at airbnb. It was my first time EVER in America and to say it was a dream come true, would be a complete and utter understatement. 

The city itself was heavenly; colourful, eccentric, friendly and everything I could have expected it to be and more. I squeezed in a lot of exploring and sight-seeing in the two and a half days I was there, thankfully. I even got the chance to hang out with my friends Sarah Hawkinson, John Michael and Lexi, which I never thought would be a reality - meeting online friends IRL is always amazing! They travelled down from Sacramento and we had an absolute blast.

There were dogs everywhere, rainbow-painted streets and the most gorgeous Mexican food I have ever tasted. I no doubt will return to San Fran and drool over the incredible Addams Family-esque Victorian architecture again. Enjoy my vlog and photos!

Thanks to Erin at airbnb for providing some of the snaps above!