I've been having a total love affair with pink as of late. It's never been an automatic colour of choice for me ever since childhood but every now and again, I love adding splashes of it here and there into my almost-entirely black wardrobe. I love mixing soft tones of pink with anything grungy; think fluffy pink sweaters and a beaten-up leather jacket, off-pink jeans and biker boots, a delicate pink slip and fishnet tights. You get the idea! 

It's a pretty easy colour to wear and if you're like me and prefer to stick to one pink item per outfit, keep it simple so you don't end up looking like Barbie (unless that's your vibe, of course). I've listed some of my current favourite high-end and high-street pink pieces below for you all to shop online. Embrace your girlie side, it isn't too scary - promise!

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