If you're like me (and the majority of people, let's be honest) who leave Christmas shopping until the last minute, you'll know all about the never-ending queues, passive-aggressive item grabbing, the lack of personal space and the immense shopping bag carrying sweat one suffers through. 

This year, I did most of my Christmas shopping online to save me carrying bags and bags around town and I wanted to do it all in the one place. I prefer online shopping anyway but I can safely say it took an enormous amount of stress (and weight) off of my shoulders.

I've scoured the internet to bring you guys the ultimate last minute gifts to buy your best friends, sisters, brothers, cousins, parents - you name it! I've mixed up price points and styles and there's a huge variety of items - something for everyone. Make sure your Adblock is paused or switched off to see the widgets; simply click on the items to view them on the website. Happy shopping!

If nothing above tickles your fancy, here's a list of my favourite websites for gift shopping: