Guess who's decided to give Youtube another go? Yep, me! During our interrailing trip, my lovely Youtuber friend Helen planted a seed that I should rejoin and after weeks of deliberation and asking people what they thought of the idea, I decided to just go for it - what have I got to lose?

I'm quite nervous, needless to say, but I'm feeling positive and enthusiastic this time round and I know I've got a thicker skin to deal with the negatives that come along with putting yourself "out there" online. I feel like my videos are really going to add to my blog's content, also. 

I'd absolutely adore it if you could subscribe go my channel by clicking here, as I'm determined to get the ball rolling on this new venture of mine. Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement, patience and support - I'm ecstatic to be back!




  1. So glad to see you back! Love your blog and can't wait for whats to come on your youtube



  2. That's funny I was just thinking of your videos today and wondering if you'd come back, YAY! Very pleased and I hope your experience is a lot better than last time and if it isn't I'm sure we'd all understand if you decide 'nope it's definitely not for me, that's it now'.

  3. although I wasn't on Youtube when you had one before, I am super excited about this! :)


  4. Congratulations on your new YouTube video! I'm subscribed, love it, and added i"The YouTube Return to my "Liked videos" Playlist. I also greatly admire you for the initiative you took on the marriage referendum and wouldn't be surprised if the momentum and change in world opinion helped convince our Supreme Court here in the U.S.A. to recognise that equality in marriage should be observed here as well.
    I also love reading your blog (there's a link to it on the front of mine), your Twitter, and the blogs and Twitters of your circle of friends as well and often Tweet Fbloggers #Fs on Fridays.
    The eagle graphic on your Harley Davidson T-shirt looks three dimensional.
    I love that you're as brave as you are - braver than I for sure.


  5. Ahh, it's so lovely to see that you're back on YouTube! I first found you on there thanks to your handy bandana tutorial. I can't wait to see more!

    Violence & Fashion

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  7. Omg yes! I first discovered you on Youtube YEARS AGO! I can't wait for the videos! xx

    Autumn | A Fabulous Hippie


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