OOTD feat. Mooi en Lief & Velvet Cave | Download Festival 2015

CLICK TO SHOP: 'Black Onyx' playsuit* - Velvet Cave | Body chain* - Miss Selfridge (similar here) | Vault hat* - UNIF @ Urban Outfitters | Wellington boots* - Mooi en Lief | Turquoise Shanti cuff* - Ohm Boho | 'Fortune' Amethyst poison ring* - Rock'N'Rose | Sunglasses* - ASOS

This week I'm flying over to the UK to attend a festival I've literally drooled over for years - Download! Mooi en Lief, a Dutch premium wellington boot brand, are sending me over to stomp around the muck in their delightful boots and listen to rock and roll, alll dayyy longgg. Can't complain, really! I'm particularly excited to see Marilyn Manson (FINALLY), L7, Slipknot, Mötley Crüe, Slash and Young Guns (who've just been announced as one of the festival's secret bands).

I'm all about that boho, rock'n'roll style during the Summer so I was well up for styling these divine feathered boots with my ultimate festival-inspired outfit. We shot at my favourite place on earth, Glendalough, as the weather was heavenly and it made for an ideal setting.

Having jumped in and out of the lakes, I can confirm these wellies are 100% waterproof! I am totally prepared for the (predicted) rainy weather that'll appear at "Drownload", as one of my Twitter followers said (good 'un). Depending on said weather, we'll see if this incredible Velvet Cave playsuit makes an appearance.. 

If you're stuck for festival outfit inspiration, there's a 'Last Minute Buys' widget below! Spend an extra fiver or so on Next Day Delivery and you'll have your clobber in time for Friday. (Make sure your AdBlock is switched off to see the widgets).

As always, I'll be posting on my Instagram throughout the festival so make sure you follow me there, I'll also be doing a follow-up festival diary and outfit posts here. I'll be bopping around Download with my fellow blogger chums, keep an eye out for us if you're heading too!


Photography - Sarah Hanrahan