Vodafone DIT Young Designer Fashion Show 2015 - Finals Review

This week, I attended the absolutely AMAZING final show of this year's Young Designer DIT fashion design competition, in Vicar Street. The atmosphere was electric, the show was immense and the clothes were to die for. It was possibly the best college fashion show I've ever attended; the choreography and styling were flawless - I'm completely in awe of DIT's fashion society for putting on such a successful show.

Rob Kenny and I were on the lookout all night for the best dressed guy and gal; each winner would walk away with a new HTC One M9* handset courtesy of Vodafone Ireland, so everybody was dressed to the nines! My favourite looks are below, including the winners, Ciara and Eric. 

The overall design winner of the night was Griffith College's Lamis Goumaa with her tailored menswear look, 'Fauna'. It was great to see a menswear designer win for the first time ever and no doubt the prize will help launch her career. It was truly an honour to attend all of the shows and be in the company of such successful and creative Irish talent, it really stood out how much brilliance our tiny little island can produce.