My Bedroom & Storage | 2015

I'm featured in the current issue of Ireland's biggest glossy, U Magazine, this month for their 'Witness The Wardrobe' feature. It's a double-spread feature, showcasing me and my bedroom, alongside a fun interview - check out a sneak-peak here. The lovely Hazel Coonagh came over to my house to photograph my bedroom and I was kindly sent her amazing photos to feature on my blog to show all of you.

I recently revamped my bedroom with my fantastic stepdad (shoutout to James) - we did this transformation in merely a weekend so it was ready in time for the magazine photoshoot. All of the storage seen below is from IKEA, I haven't a clue what the name of the different units are - sorry - but I'm sure if you showed a sales assistant, they could tell you! 

My bedroom is my safe haven, my pride and joy and it has changed with me over the years. I've done previous posts like this in the past (here's 2013's) and I've definitely mentioned before how I'm not one for the bare and minimal. I like organised chaos, I like clashing textures, colours and prints and as I'm a highly visual person; my bedroom walls and shelves are usually quite busy.

Although I like "clutter" as some may call it, I've definitely toned it down over the years. Sometimes too much clutter is bad for the mind. Anyway, enjoy this post - I've added little bits of info here and there under the photos and there's also a widget at the bottom where you can shop similar items (make sure you've AdBlock switched off to see it)!

I didn't admit to being a shoe fiend until last year, seriously. Yes, I've always liked shoes. Yes, I've always had far too many pairs of black boots but holy cow, 2014 was the year I realised that shoes were taking over my life. It was like waking up to an avalanche of black boots everyday and having 0 room for them all. This nifty shelving unit sorts them nicely however, along with the extra storage in my wardrobe. I store my collectable magazines (British Vogue etc) down in the bottom units for weight and to also keep them safe.

I display my heels and sandals on top, along with my fave chunky boots below. The shelf above has my favourite Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson flamingo candle holder* from Debenhams on it. I'm obsessed with anything tropical-related, whether it be palm trees or flamingos. Give me it all! My Company Magazine 'Best International Blogger 2014' award is also up there, along with some snazzy Jack Daniel's bottles that I use as vases. Waste not, want not, eh?

The roses in the vases are fake and both the white and black bundles were bought in the €2 shop during Halloween. The beautiful dog in the leopard-print frame is my old best buddy Becky.
There is nothing I love more than innovative and edgy designs: a fantastic Paris-based brand called Hu2 create eco-friendly and handmade interior bits and bobs for all tastes and they sent me out this amazing Birdcages wall sticker*. I had a blank space on my wall that was bothering me for ages and this was the perfect filler. They're beyond fool-proof and easy to apply and there's a gazillion quirky and original designs to choose from on their website. I can't recommend them enough!

My ring collection is expanding by the week, rings are by far my favourite jewellery item at the moment. I bought this snazzy ring box on eBay for less than €5 a few months back.

One of my favourite photographers of all time is Brassa├» - his work hypnotises me. He was a Hungarian photographer and became famous for his black and white images in France from the 1920's onwards. His 'Paris by Night' photos are my ultimate favourites in particular, I can stare at them for hours on end. His colour photos of America during the 1950's are also absolutely magical and completely capture the essence of the era. I'm rambling here, but yes, if you like photography check out his work asap. 
I received this gorgeous 'Mother-in-Law Tongue' plant for Christmas as a present off of my sisters. I've wanted a plant in my room for ages and ages and this one's perfect as it doesn't require a lot of watering. This fantastic holographic ouija board clutch* is unfortunately sold out on Shop Moon Child, but I'm sure there are similar ones out there.

This is a third of my entire wardrobe and as you can see, my clothes are completely crammed in! I do regular clear-outs on Depop, yet I never have enough room to fit everything into my wardrobe regardless. Sigh. Since these photos were taken, I've done yet another clear-out.
These shelves from IKEA are perfect to display anything from books to records and I absolutely love how neat they are. I have some of my favourite magazines on display, along with candles, books, photos and dreamcatchers. I started collecting dreamcatchers a few years back and my entire room is covered in them at this stage.

Nail polish racks save lives, or at least save you from tripping over bottles lying about your floor. I bought this stand also on eBay (the link has since expired) and it is absolutely perfect for storing them! I like Essie polishes, quite a bit, as you can see. 

I love vintage Levi shorts. I live in them all year round; whether it be Summer or Winter, I will go bare-legged or wear 40 pairs of tights if I have to. They're my uniform. Most of my pairs I bought when I worked in Urban Outfitters and got a staff discount off of them (hell yeah!) and I also bought a few pairs in a vintage shop in Paris last year. (ASOS have a great selection in at the moment).

The shirt I'm wearing was 2014's best buy; last-season's 'Courtney' scribble shirt by Sandro with an array of doodles all over it (the dress version is still available here). The fringed jacket* is two years old and is from from BooHoo. It's a Summer staple of mine and only gets better with wear.

The amazing 'Fia' heels* you see to the right are by Privileged, sold in Schuh. They were €96 and they're now €25.99 on sale here! I haven't had a chance to properly wear them yet, as they're not the most Winter-suited shoe but oh gosh, I shall stomp around in these when the time is right. 
I love cute and quirky decor, as you can tell, so I tend to buy a lot of unique pieces off of the likes of Etsy and Ebay. My flamingo and Lauren Bacall cushion covers are both from Etsy and they're two of my favourite items in my room. My magical astrological map cover* is from Wonderland and they have a load of different designs and colours available. I use this one as a bed cover but they look just as enchanting hung up on a wall.

My necklace collection, alike to my ring collection, is ever-growing and I'm so grateful to the small, independent companies that have contacted me over the years to send some of their pieces on. There's nothing I love more than supporting small brands and as you can see above, the design and workmanship that goes into the jewellery is beyond admirable. I hang my necklaces up on belt hangers I bought in Penneys (Primark) for approx. €2 a few years back.


I hope you enjoyed having a nosey around my cave, folks. I know I sure love looking at other peoples'. I'm still redoing certain areas of my bedroom so be sure to follow me on Instagram to see anymore changes or updates. Let me know in the comments below what your bedroom looks like, I'd love to know - if you have a blog post on it, even better - link away!