Merry Christmas everyone! I'm currently on a bit of a blogging hiatus due to concentrating on 2015's new redesign (exciting stuff) but I thought I'd do up a little sales post for you all; I bought just over €300's worth of bits last night for €100 on ASOS and I genuinely think it's their best sale in years!

I tend to stick mainly to ASOS for the online Christmas sales each year because the shipping is free (if you spend over €15), plus the range of brands makes it a quick one-stop to snatch up bargains from all price points. The selection above and below includes items I've bought myself and some I think you'd all love! Everything is selling out super-quick so be wary. Double-check your sizes, be conscious of how much of a discount you're getting and remember: select a size too big if in doubt - it's always possible to take in clothes! Happy shopping..

See anything you like? Let me know if you spot some other gems!