Courtney Love is by far one of my biggest inspirations; she revolutionised music, fashion and paved the way for women worldwide to kick ass and pick up a guitar. Her style remains undoubtably sexy, glamorous yet grungy and raw. Her style during the 1990's in particular inspired girls to not be afraid to mix and match your girlie dresses with a pair of biker boots. You can be tough but still look and feel beautiful.

Courtney will remain an icon in many ways for generations to come; her style is simple to recreate and not intimidating in the slightest. Comfort is key and don't be afraid to mix the feminine with the masculine; your key pieces are babydoll and skater dresses (floral, tartan and denim), boyish knits and flannel shirts. Go to the high street and scour charity shops for grungy finds or wear clothing you already own - the key to nabbing her look is to not overdo it and look like each piece is brand new! Show a little skin in light dresses and lace lingerie but toughen it back up with chunky boots and oversized knitwear. Accessorise with long pendant necklaces, a tacky headpiece and a swab of blood-red lippy and you're ready to rock!