Interview with Pixiwoo | Makeup Q&A + 'Nic's Picks' Preview

This is my second instalment of my interview with Sam and Nicola from Pixiwoo earlier this month. You can read this first interview here, where we talk about all things makeup for fair skin! This final segment is based around makeup overall, Youtube, working in the industry and general tips and advice. Enjoy!

What is your favourite makeup tutorial you've ever filmed?

Sam: "One of my favourite videos that I've ever done was the Christina Hendrix one. I love it and that was all about pale skin and freckles and pretty much natural beauty. I also love my Angelina Jolie one."

Nic: "My drag makeup - and Frankenstein, I had so much fun doing it. It was hilarious! I really enjoyed doing the witch one I did last year too. I absolutely love doing the Halloween ones!"

How do you still get inspired by makeup?

Nic: "We're lucky 'cause there's two of us so if one of us isn't feeling it at the moment, the other one is on their game. Everything inspires us! The other day I got home and nothing was on tv so I thought I'd watch catch-up. Dolly Parton was on playing at Glastonbury and I knew that was going to be my next look." (Watch the tutorial here, it's amazing!)

What is your favourite Autumn/ Winter catwalk beauty trend for 2014?

Nic: "Winged-out black eyes."

Sam: "I quite like the silver liner. I think it's gonna be pretty big this season. If you wear it as an accent rather than a full-on silver eye, I think it looks beautiful."

Nic: "Great for when Christmas comes around!"

Sam: "It'd look great on pale skin too - if you do a brown smokey eye but then use an accent of silver, it'd look amazing. I think it's gonna be killer! I love to mix the cool and the warms."

What brands do really great metallic eyeliners?

Nic: "Urban Decay do one at the minute. Illasmasqua too!"

Sam: "You can get some great drugstore ones. Collection is a great brand for them.

Favourite era and stand-out person from that time?

Sam: "1930's and Marlene Dietrich."

Nic: "90's and Linda Evangelista."

Your biggest makeup mistakes?

Sam: "When I was really, really fair I used to wear 'Paramount' lipstick, I don't know if MAC still make it. It was sort of the colour of the floor (dark brown) and it was so 90s - I was about 15 at the time."

Nic: "I wore far too dark foundation, it was orange! Then I went far too light with foundation so I was always white. I used to also wear 'Nylon' eyeshadow by MAC on my brow-bone - but not a little bit, a lot, you could see me from so far-away. It was awful!"

Reader question: If you had to stick to one makeup brand high-end and high-street for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

Nic: "Sleek - it just offers so much. I love Collection too! My high-end would be Bobbi Brown - part of me wants to say MAC but if I look at my makeup bag, it's mostly Bobbi Brown."

Sam: "My high-end one would Becca. I know I have a lot of makeup up on now but generally day-to-day I wouldn't wear that much and I really love natural skin that you can see. Overall, I think the Becca range offers me the most! My low-end would be Bourjois and I do like Collection - they do a really nice eyeshadow pencil."

Nic: "Collection's lipliners and eyeliners are great. Their colours are great!"

Your Top 3 Real Techniques brushes?

Sam: "Expert Face Brush because anybody can use it. It works with creams, powders, liquids - you can get a light pay-off or a really full coverage from it. I also love the Contour Brush.

Nic: "Deluxe Crease Brush. I also love the Multitask Brush and the Blush Brush."

Tell us a little bit about the upcoming 'Nic's Picks' limited edition brush range..

Nic: "There's a duo-fibre brush, which we relaunched because it's great because it doesn't apply too much product. It's ideal for people who are slightly heavy-handed with their makeup. We've put in a new cheek brush - it's great for everything; foundation, blush etc. Two eyeshadow brushes; a new angled one which is great for in the socket line and then a base shadow brush because you just need two eyeshadow brushes in a set. The final new one is a little angled brush, perfect for brows and gel liner. 
The 'Nic's Picks' kit is great as a starter kit because it's got something for everyone! It's out this October in Boots and there's only so many many boxes going on sale so stock up and buy quick - they'll make perfect Christmas presents.