Interview with Pixiwoo | Makeup 101 for Fair Skin

I had the pleasure of meeting two of my biggest inspirations last week; Sam and Nic from the famous Youtube channel Pixiwoo. They're two incredible makeup artists and entrepreneurs; it's been amazing seeing their channel grow over the years and the launch of the Real Techniques brush range in 2010 catapulted the Pixiwoo duo even higher. The girls were travelling across the UK and Ireland on the Real Techniques Roadshow tour this month and I was able to sit down with them for a chat on all things makeup and beauty.

This was my first "proper" interview and as Sam and Nic are two makeup idols of mine, I was quite nervous! I'm so happy with how it went however and they are THE nicest, most genuine and lovely people. It's always so reassuring to meet people you look up to - especially Youtubers - and see they're exactly the same off-screen as on.

Our chat was so jammed-packed full of info and tips, that I've decided to split it up into two parts; this part based on their recommendations and tips for fellow pale-skinned peeps and the next will be full of their makeup faves, fashion show experiences, the exciting launch of Nic's Picks brushes and more.

I decided to focus a lot of my interview around the difficulty and confusion a lot of us go through when it comes to makeup, especially for anyone who tends to resemble Casper on a daily basis. Simply walking into Boots and picking up a foundation just doesn't cut it unfortunately so I asked Sam and Nic about their utmost favourite brands and products for fair skin and what their general thoughts on it are..

Best overall brand for pale skin?

Sam: "I would say MAC. They do such a wide range of foundations!"

Nic: "Me too. They do White 'Face and Body' - you can mix it with other foundations, just as long as it's liquid."

Must-have base products to use on fair skin tones?

Nic: "I think Illamasqua but I also think MAC. MAC do light coverage with the likes of 'Face and Body' but then Illasmasqua do right up to heavy with 'Skin Base'."

Sam: "Yeah, I'd agree. I think it's a tie between both!"

Nic: "Have you tried MAC's 'Select Concealer' in NW15? It's so light, I reckon it'd be amazing on you! Use it as a foundation and mix it with a tiny bit of moisturiser. It'd cost you a bit more to keep buying it but you only need a tiny bit."

Best contour product?

Sam: "'Hollow' by Illamasqua, definitely. It is so good!"

The perfect highlighter?

Sam: "MAC's 'Silver Dusk' would be great or 'Pearl' Cream Colour Base. Armani also do these beautiful Fluid Sheer products that'd be ideal for pale skin."

Nic: Even 'Vanilla' pigment from MAC or 'Nylon' eyeshadow! You can use it everywhere and it'd be a perfect highlight."

Best tanning products for fair skin?

Sam: James Read tan - he does a tanning range and it's all about building it up. You put it on and it let's your skin show through so you don't end up orange. It's super-gradual. His whole ethos is just about it all looking natural and fresh. 
He-Shi's 'Express Liquid' is the one I use too; I'm fair and both of those tans work really well for me. When it comes to tan, always make sure you're going for the Light-Medium shade and not going straight in for the Dark - 'cause it's going to look orange!

Overall thoughts on fair skin?

Nic: "I love it. It's gorgeous. I totally love pale skin and I totally love freckles. I really love a warm undertone to the skin - the makeup you have on is so 90's and it works so well with your skin and your look!"

Sam: "One of my favourite videos that I've ever done was the Christina Hendrix one; I love it and that was all about pale skin and freckles."