QOD 16 Week Organic Blow Dry Treatment | Review, Campaign Photoshoot & Launch

 Some of you may recently heard that I was officially announced as the fact of the QOD 16 Week Organic Blow Dry Treatment a few weeks back. I had the treatment applied to my own hair, I starred in an fabulous photoshoot for the brand's nationwide poster campaign and I attended our fabulous launch last week. It was such an honour to be asked to be the "face" of something - especially a product I genuinely adore myself!
The QOD 16 Week Organic Blow-Dry Treatment "transforms weak, damaged and hard to manage hair". It boosts everything back into the hair, restoring its health completely as it's jam-packed full of keratin and protein. The treatment is ideal for anyone who dyes their hair regularly and the hair literally absorbs the treatment in like a sponge; it was particularly great for me as I had my hair stripped TWICE back in March, from jet-black to my now auburn-red colour. My hair was extremely weak after the stripping. 
The QOD treatment is applied in a salon, I went to Gillian Edgeworth's salon in Cow's Lane to have the treatment done and it was an overall great experience! The salon is small but spacious, modern but kitsch. The staff are so lovely and they have bowls and bowls of Milky Moo's to tuck into (always a bonus)! First off, your hair is washed to remove any pollution, dirt or grease away, the QOD treatment is then applied once the hair is dry and sealed into the hair using a QOD Nano Tourmaline Straightening Irons. The irons seal the treatment into place and won't damage the hair as a barrier is created between your hair and the product. It is recommended that you leave the treatment in and alone for up to 48 hours prior to treatment (which I did) but you can choose to wash it out if you wish. There's little to no residue left on the hair so I got away with leaving it in for the required amount of time. The treatment itself can range from €100-€175 but you're advised to enquire with your salon to see what's best for you.
It's been in and around a month since my treatment was applied and I can honestly say I ADORE it! Not only has the general health of my hair been restored but it's easier to style and manage overall. It's suggested you buy the QOD shampoo and conditioner after the treatment, as they've been tested and formulated especially for the formula; I use the QOD Gold Sodium Chloride Free Shampoo & Conditioner (€35 for two) and find them brilliant. 
My hair tended to go greasy on the second day prior to the treatment but now I get away with three days; such less hassle for me! The biggest plus for me personally is styling; I rarely style my hair with a straightening irons or curling tongs as my hair simply doesn't (or did) hold a curl. For example; I sat under a hair dryer for 3 HOURS before my Debs (prom) for luscious 50's-style curls. They lasted a mere hour. My cousin GHD-curled my hair a few days after my QOD treatment and the curls lasted 3 days. 3 WHOLE DAYS! It's a whole new world for me, folks.
My hair looks healthier, feels like silk and is so easy to manage and work with now. Even after a month, the results of the treatment are still noticeable - the longer you use the aftercare treatments, the longer the treatment lasts. I'm determined to get the full 4 months out of it! I'm currently using the Argan Oil Treatment (€20) and the QOD BB Cream (€25) as well as the shampoo and conditioner; they're all a dream to use and definitely help prolong the life of the treatment.
Myself, Caroline (QOD's PR), Grace Mongey (the MUA) and Robbie Mullins (the photographer) set out on a gorgeous sunny day to my favourite place - Glendalough - to shoot the campaign shots. They turned out amazingly well as you can see for yourself and I felt like a total princess! The styling brief was "festival" so I mixed and matched between 3 for the shots. The big launch and poster reveal was last week and a ton of people showed up to the Gillian Edgeworth salon for some bubbly and a demo - including a heap of blog readers, which was so lovely and humbling for me. It was truly surreal to see my face on posters and leaflets that'll be distributed throughout Ireland soon, I'm very proud to have my face and name behind such a fantastic product. If your hair is in need of some serious TLC, I highly suggest investing in this treatment as it has genuinely boosted my hair's health and my overall confidence. I will definitely be going back for more after my 4 months is up!

Check out Grace's behind the scene vlog of our Glendalough photoshoot..