Benefit 'Big Easy' | Review (Pale Girls, Take Note!)

If you're a long-time reader of my blog, you'll know by know the difficulty I have gone through over the years searching high and low for the perfect base; people think I exaggerate when I say I have super-pale skin but the reality is, I can't walk into Boots and find a foundation as they're ALL too dark. I started wearing foundation when I was around 13-14, all oh which were terribly too dark for me and of that gross mousse consistency that was huge around 2006. Over the years, I have trialled and tested hundreds - I've been sent foundations from high-end to low-end brands and 95% of the time they're just too dark for me so they end up given away to family or friends. 
I can count 3 other foundations currently on my shelf; MAC's Studio Fix Fluid in NW10, YSL's Radiant Eclat Radiant Touch in BR10 and Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation in N110. All 3 are favourites of mine but are all too heavy a consistency for Summer and still a tone or two too dark. 

Benefit launched their 'Big Easy' Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector (quote: "better than a BB" cream) in April and I was skeptical at first about it; any Benefit base product, whether it be a foundation or concealer, has been miles too dark for me in the past. I was delighted to hear they have 6 shades available in Big Easy - the lightest being "01 Fair". Usually when it comes to Fair/ Porcelain/ Ivory shades from the majority of brands (we're talking everything from Chanel to Rimmel here), they're still too dark; they're usually the equivalent of an NC15 from MAC, in and around. However, when I swatched Big Easy for the first time as I had tea with the Benefit PR team in their new Dublin HQ, I literally squealed with delighted: IT MATCHED!

You can see from the swatch above on my hand, that the blended in swatch to the left is literally invisible. This is practically unheard of for me! The match is the closest match I have ever had on my skin, ever. It's the only base I've ever had that blends into my skintone 100% and doesn't require vigorous blending into my hairline and jawline. I can wear it only in certain places on my face if I wish and it isn't noticeable in the slightest. It isn't too yellow or too pink so it's a good balance for a flattering tone on the face. This is a game-changer, folks!

Not only was I delighted with the shade-match but I was even happier that it was in the form of a BB cream (I mean, complexion perfector)! I hate wearing layers of makeup during the Summer and literally no BB Creams on the market have matched my skintone (yes, every brand - trust me, I've tried). BB Creams are an Asian phenomenon; an all-rounder if you will. They balance out your complexion, even out your skintone and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Plus, they're super light to wear - you barely even notice it once applied on to your skin.

Big Easy is Oil-Free so it's amazing for anyone like me who has oily/ combination skin - especially during the Summer months or on holiday. The cream is a liquid-powder finish so it isn't the most comfortable product to apply on with your hands (my preference) - it almost drags across the skin and feels dry; please note this is my only critique. I recommend applying this with a small stippling brush or blending sponge instead. 
It's flawless otherwise - it gives fantastic light-medium coverage but it's buildable if you need more in certain areas. You only need at max a dollop and a half for a full face. It lasts all day and you only need 2-3 powder touch-ups depending on your environment. 

Big Easy offers an AMAZING SPF of 35, which is a huge selling point for me. I'm really paranoid about the sun and my skin during Summer so not having to worry about an extra application of SPF is a relief. Most makeup that contains an SPF gives a flashback off the face if you take a flash photograph, as it reflects the light - the only downside - however, I haven't found Big Easy causes any outrageous shine and I've had no issues with it in photos. I haven't included a photo of it on my face as I'm wearing it in every outfit post on my blog since early May!

Big Easy comes in 35ml tube and is priced at £27.50/ €37 to buy; around the usual price for any high-end foundation/ BB cream. I've been using the one tube since early May and it's only half-gone now so I can totally justify the price. 

I can't recommend this product enough for anyone who struggles to find really pale bases - kudos to Benefit for bringing out a genuine "Fair" shade, also. Big Easy is without a doubt one of my all-time favourite makeup products now; hopefully more brands listen to girls on both ends of the skintone scale and start bringing out a bigger range of shade choices. I'm addicted!

Have you tried Big Easy? What is your favourite BB Cream?