Wishlist #6

I thought it was about time I wrote another wishlist post seeing as I haven't posted one since JANUARY - where is the year going to at all? I'm currently lusting after quite a lot this Summer but I'm trying to be wise on what I spend my money on at the same time. I'm still 90's-obsessed, as you can probably tell from the list and it's a trend that won't be leaving anytime soon - we have at least one season left of it, trust me!
I'm obsessed with anything iridescent this year; shoes, bags, nail polish - you name it, I want it. This Motel Rocks backpack is gorgeous: so perfect for college to store all of your books into - likewise, if you're off on holidays or to a festival. The material is waterproof so it's ideal for both! I spotted the Chanel 'Les Beiges' compacts in the airport earlier last week and believe it or not, the palest shade in the collection actually matches my Casper skin. I swatched it and the pay-off was gorgeous; really dewy and fresh, which is what I'm loving complexion-wise right now. However, I still can't justify the price for it (€40+) - I might treat myself to it at some stage, maybe.
I'm regaining my love for Topshop lately and I spotted this gorgeous Black Sheer T-Shirt on their website yesterday. It's something you could easily dress up or down depending on the occasion; I'm always attracted to anything sheer as it oozes sex appeal and glamour and is so flattering on! 
I'm currently building up quite the collection of jumpsuits and two-pieces - I'm starting college this year and I always find myself grabbing an "easy" outfit to wear when I'm sleep-deprived/ lacking in inspiration for an outfit. Both of these styles would be perfect for chic but easy day-to-night dressing; you can get 20% off them (or any other full-priced Motel items) by using my exclusive code 'LeanneWF' at checkout on MotelRocks.com.
I've been admiring Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail polishes on people for months at this stage but I have yet to buy one myself. 2014 has definitely been a lazy year for me nail-wise; I rarely paint them anymore and if I do, my chipped talons remain for days (I just don't have the time)! I'm going to snap up a few colours soon for sure though, as I love the shades and texture of them. 
I'm obsessed with sunglasses at the moment, especially mirrored styles. I have yet to own a mirrored pair with orange/ yellow lenses and I nearly died when I saw these Heart-Shaped Sunnies in New Look last week. Aren't they gorgeous? There as cheap as chips too, which is always a bonus if you're breaking/ losing sunglasses 24/7 like me! I've been on the hunt for the perfect denim Levi's skirt for months now - one exactly like the one in the collage above. I have trawled online, through charity shops and have asked friends to no avail. I have outfits already planned in my head revolving around one but there is none to be seen - do any of you know where I could pick a vintage one up, either online or in a store? Do let me know in the comments!
Alike to my Levi's skirt search, I've been stalking various styles of Buffalo shoes online for ages. I owned Buffalo skater shoes as a kid (the ones with the flames on the sides) but I'm going even further back in time, wanting a pair of crazy Baby Spice stompers like the above. I adore these, although paying €150+ for them isn't drawing me in anytime soon. I'm happy enough to drool over my laptop looking at them for now. Last but not least, I've developed a really random liking for watches as of late. I haven't regularly worn one since I worked in retail last year but again, I keep seeing and admiring them on people. My designer wishlist item is this stunning Breitling masculine watch from The Watch Gallery. I'm really digging more masculine, metal styles as opposed to slinky ones as I love how they look on the wrist! I'll be searching the high-street soon for one of a similar style no doubt.

What's currently on your wishlist? See anything you like above?