Updated Haircare Routine | Fine, Long & Coloured Hair

My hair drives me insane - fact! I've always disliked my hair as it's difficult to manage, style and it's always the ultimate time-waster when I'm rushing to get ready. I have limp and fine hair, it's coloured and quite long. It's a pain in the ass. I've spent years, and I mean years, trawling through hair products looking to find ones that genuinely work and suit my hair. This is my current routine and hopefully any fellow fine-haired folk discover and new product or two to try out.


L'Oreal Elvive 'Fibrology' range:
The blogging world went crayyy when this year's launch of the 'Fibrology' range was announced by L'Oreal. Elvive's Fibrology is designed specifically for fine hair that lacks in volume; this range "enchances the hair from within to deliver genuine thickness wash after wash as opposed to volume alone. Proven to increase the diameter of the fibre with every wash." Hair is transformed all because of a new break-through ingredient "Filloxane". It all sounded too good to be true and I was beyond curious to try out the range myself after the launch! The 3 core products in the range are the Thickening Shampoo (€5.84), the Thickness Booster (€9.19) and the Thickening Conditioner (€5.84). 
I started using these products immediately and can honestly say they're fantastic! 
Fibrology products oddly enough have been proven to work better on coloured hair, as the products can sink into the hair fibers easier and faster. After the first wash, my hair did feel slightly thickened and it was easier to style. However, after around a week of use I REALLY started to notice the difference. My hair is literally twice as thick than it was prior to using the range - the biggest difference it has made to my routine, is styling as my hair itself isn't limp and overall lifeless when I'm trying to work with it. My ex-hairdresser Mum who always styles my hair for me even commented on how thick my hair feels since I started using it! 
I use the booster only once a week before the conditioner and it really helps to boost the thickness of the ends especially. It doesn't leave your hair greasy at all and all of the products smell fantastic.

I tend to switch up my conditioners a lot; another product that has been hit and miss with me over the years due to some making my hair greasy and the likes. I've been using this Umberto Giannini 'Plump & Sexy Volume Conditioner from the Glam Hair range for a few months now; it smells fantastic, it doesn't weigh the hair down, it moisturises the ends of the hair brilliantly AND it can be used all over the hair without making the roots greasy (practically unheard of for fine hair). I'd highly recommend picking this up if you have particularly dry, fine hair - it's a winner!

Garnier Ultimate Blends 1 Minute Treatment - The Nourishing Repairer (€2.64):
I mentioned this Ultimate Blends '1 Minute Treatment' in last month's April Favourites post and it remains a favourite of mine. I use this once or twice a week depending on my hair's condition and sometimes sleep with it in my hair as an overnight mask if it's in need of some extra TLC. The Ultimate Blends treatments (and entire range) are unbelievable for such affordable prices! I'll be repurchasing this as soon as it's run out.


I always get asked how I do my grungey "just out of bed" hair styles and it's all down to this worldwide beauty favourite; Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble! I've used many a salt spray over the years and I've dealt with many a crispy, greasy-looking lock due to them. This product does what it says on the tin; it gives you effortless beachy waves and a gorgeous lived-in texture. I usually spray it on to the ends of my hair when it's semi-damp and scrunch it up with my hands. It doesn't make the hair feel sticky and it's pretty easy to brush out after a few hours if you're changing the style.

This is another essential product to own for anyone who finds styling their fine hair difficult! Backcomb in a Bottle is, well, a backcombed effect is a bottle. It adds instant texture and volume to the hair, as if you've just backcombed it and makes styling (especially up-do's) 100% easier. I used to backcomb the be-jaysus out of my hair and rarely do it anymore since using this.

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Silky 7-in-1 Dry Shampoo (€2.35):
Another product from my April Favourites post; this dry shampoo from Garnier's Ultimate Blends range is one of the greatest hair products I've used. Honestly. It's invisible (even for the blackest of black hair), it smells delicious and it soaks up grease like a sponge. I've repurchased this at least three times since the launch and I would genuinely be lost without it. The price is amazing for how brilliant the product is!

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleep Perfector Oil (€11.76):
Another must-have product from the Ultimate Blends range are the various hair oils. I adore the Sleek Perfector Oil especially as coconut is one of my favourite scents and it works brilliantly for my hair. I apply one squirt of this on to the palms of my hands, rub them together and then apply it evenly to the ends of my hair (after I remove excess dampness from the hair with a towel). I use this every time I wash my hair and it's made such a difference to the condition of it! It works well as a serum but I'd recommend using the next product in conjunction with it if you're after sleek hair all day.

Kerastase Touche Finale Polishing Serum (€19.51):
Kerastase's hair care is a must-have for hairdressers and beauty junkies alike worldwide, their products are amazing and always worth the investment; I've been using this Touche Finale Polishing Serum for well over a year now. Don't let the small size put you off, as you only need to tiniest blob to work through your hair by the way! I'm only halfway through this. It's by far one of the greatest serums I've used and it leaves my hair frizz-free and silky for the entire day. Another product I'll no doubt buy again and again.

Kerastase Micro-Voile Protecteur (€19.51):
This is a holy grail Summer product of mine; the Micro-Voile Protecteur protects coloured hair in the warmer months from the sun, chlorine and the sea. I spray it on my hair (damp or dry) just before I head out into the sun and usually reapply it throughout the day if I'm on holidays or exposed to the heat for more than 6 hours. It smells gorgeous and doesn't leave the hair with any excess grease or product residue. 

What are your current must-have hair products?