The greatest things to happen to me in 2013? My jaw surgery and The 1975: fact. Discovering these boys last year was a gigantic highlight for me, as they made me fall in love with music all over again - so much so, I even have a tattoo dedicated to them. Yup (click here for evidence). Between their unique music, monochromatic style and aesthetic and their hilarious personalities, there's little to dislike or not feel intrigued by. After meeting The 1975 back in February and hanging out with them, I love them even more as they're as genuine and intelligent as they come across in interviews and the like. Last week's GTL on HAIM was so popular, I hope you all enjoy this one just as much!

I could ramble on about how much The 1975's music has affected me but that's another blog post altogether! 2013 was the year in which I became more and more of "head to toe" black dresser (see what I did there)? I wore so much colour during my teens, that I naturally became more drawn towards black clothes only. This happened before I had even heard of The 1975 but it was a major coincidence for me during this transition with my style and taste. 
The 1975's style is basic, black and androgynous; it's one for both girls and boys to incorporate into their look so I've made up collages for both below. You don't need to break the bank in order to achieve their style at all so don't feel intimidated by it. They may dress like bikers at times but their music is the complete opposite, if you didn't know already! The juxtaposition between their musical style and their physical style makes them even more appealing and interesting.. 

Matty, George, Ross and Adam make up The 1975 but Matty and George are the prominent two in the band; there's more photos of them online than the others so I thought it'd make sense to focus on both of their styles for this GTL in particular. Adam and Ross have gorgeous styles, don't get me wrong, but it's similar to Matty and George's - black, people, black. Just think of black. That's where it all begins.

Before I even knew The 1975 existed, a girl tweeted me a photo of Matty and said "Matty is the male you!" I didn't have a notion who he was but his leather jacket and Converse (and divine face) made me curious. I Googled him. Alas, Leanne's obsession with The 1975 began! Matty's style is quite similar to mine, in which we both tend to wear our leather jackets to death, we wear a lot of black basics and opt for Converse or Doc Martens over any other style of shoe (although he does love a good Chelsea boot)! Matty even complimented my outfit before the gig, so I guess a thumbs up from him is a good sign, indeed.

Matty genuinely loves fashion, which I admire; his favourite brands are Acne, Alexander Wang and Sandro. He can dress casually in just black skinny jeans, boots and a long-sleeved black top or he can jazz it up with a tailored coat, black knit sweater and a crisp white shirt. All men should take note on his style because I can honestly say he's the best dressed man in the world right now - in my opinion, anyway. Between the tattoos, the hair, the voice and the legs.. he's perfect. Okay, I'll reign it in!



George is definitely the most colourful member of The 1975 - although he wears little of it but still more than the others. I absolutely LOVE George's style as he's clearly inspired by 90's hip-hop more than anything by wearing printed tees, oversized hoodies, snapbacks, gold jewellery and chunky skater trainers all the time. Alike to Matty, he likes to experiment with his style; his favourite brands are Acne, The Kooples and KTZ. George even inspired my own love of casual black joggers and now I can't stop wearing them with my trainers or Doc Martens! Comfortable and edgy is how he rolls. I like it.


The 1975's style is quite easy to adapt to, even if you are of the fairer sex! Invest in a good quality leather jacket - the more buckles and zips the better. If you're not into the biker look, opt for an oversized black boyfriend coat - nothing too heavy as Summer is just around the corner and you'd be wasting your money. Keep things simple and monochromatic; stick to stripes if you're in need of something a little more jazzed-up. 
Black skinny jeans are your best friends and this season's current ripped-knees style is perfect for stealing the boys' look - especially Matty's. Converse and Doc Martens are two of the greatest shoe brands ever (I own countless pairs from both) so snap up a pair of black All-Stars or the 8-Hole boots. They go with everything and anything, trust me! Accessory-wise, look out for simple long-chain necklaces and plain bags; leather-look rucksacks and sports bags won't be going anywhere for the time being and they are available in most high-street shops. 


Now don't get me wrong, both of these collages can be plonked together as The 1975's style is easily fitted to both genders. However, guys - if you dress like this, you will have a queue of ladies (or lads, whatever you're in to) after you. You've been warned! Leather jackets never look bad on any male and the more battered-looking, the better. Go a size up and try some vintage styles before investing in a high-street piece. Matty likes to wear denim jackets the odd time too, so if you're not into looking like Marlon Brando, pick up a vintage Levi's jacket in a charity shop or look online for some cheaper versions. Bomber jackets aren't leaving the fashion circuit just yet either, George in particular wears them constantly; look out for all-black version or American baseball styles.
All of The 1975 lads switch their bottoms up; between skinny jeans, tracksuit bottoms and harem pants - they wear them all and pull them off so bloody well! The trick is to keep it simple and layer; black and white outfits rarely look terrible but keep it interesting by wearing a chain necklace, a fedora or even just a snazzy pair of mirrored sunglasses. I know a lot of lad would feel intimidated by how adventurous The 1975 are with their style but the truth is, you can't diss it until you try it. Drag yourself out of bed, grab your nearest (honest) mate and go shopping. Grab every black item you find and try it on. You'd be surprised what suits you, if you just bite the bullet and try something new on!
If you're on the hunt for some good quality basic tee's, by the way, you can buy various styles on the high-street (H&M, Topman, COS) but I suggest buying one or two really good quality styles by T by Alexander Wang - Matty's favourite. They're around the €80 mark but will last years and wash well. 

All clothing featured from Motel Rocks, BooHoo, New Look, Office, Topshop, Topman and Shop Dixi.