April Favourites | Beauty

  • Garnier Ultimate Blends 1 Minute Treatment - 'The Nourishing Repairer' (€2.64): This year's new Ultimate Blends affordable haircare range from Garnier sent everyone out grabbing it by the dozen from shop shelves. The range caters for all different hair types and it's ridiculously affordable. The stand out products for me from the range are the treatments especially; it's rare to find a good hair treatment at such a decent price but the Ultimate Blends range are just brilliant! I use The Nourishing Repair treatment once/ twice a week - it smells delicious and leaves the ends of my hair feeling conditioned and soft. I'd put it on a par with Aussie's famous 3 Minute Miracle!
  • Garnier Ultimate Blends - 'The Silky 7-in-1 Dry Shampoo' (€2.35): My personal favourite product from the Ultimate Blends range is The Silky 7-in-1 Dry Shampoo as it's the first affordable dry shampoo on the shelves that can be used in dark hair - I mean the blackest of black hair, here. I used to fork out €10+ for "invisible" dry shampoos as none worked for me when I had my hair dyed jet-black. This stuff is literally invisible, it smells gorgeous and it does what it says on the tin. There's no white/ grey stains left on the hair, regardless of how much you use. It's no doubt going to be a hair staple of mine for years!
  • Avene Skin Recovery Cream (€18): I've talked about this favourite Skin Recovery Cream of mine before from Avene but it has come into fantastic use again this month; I'm a clumsy git and I'm constantly covered in cuts and bruises. My legs this month have been victim to many cuts out of clumsiness but this never fails in repairing my skin and the cuts themselves within days - a true miracle product! (It's also great to apply on to raised/ irritated tattoos.)
  • Benefit 'Big Easy' BB Cream in No.1 'Fair' (€37): I received Benefit's 'Big Easy' BB Cream last week from the lovely people over at the Dublin-based Benefit HQ and nearly died on the spot after I swatched it there and then - this is the FIRST base product Benefit have ever brought out that literally matches my extremely pale skintone. The 'Fair' shade is literally fair and is similar to NW10 tone-wise. I had to slip it into this favourites post as I'm terribly excited about it; I'll be doing a full review once I've had a week or two more to test it out so watch this space!
  • Lush 'Jackie Oates' Colour Supplement (approx. €12): I first heard about Lush's 'Jackie Oates' skin supplement from my lovely friend Becca over at Vous Sont Beaut et Belle on Youtube. She's a fair lady like myself and has wonderful skin so I knew this was a product to get my hands on asap! The shade indeed is quite light, although a shade darker than what I had originally imagined (think NW13). However, it's a fantastic option for the majority of pale girls out there and looks fine once blended in well. Lush products are full of goodness and lack the nasties, as many of you know - if you have good skin and are looking for something light in both texture and tone, give it a whirl! 

  • Clarins 'Colours of Brazil' palette (€39): I've adored Clarins for years and their seasonal eyeshadow palettes never fail to make me fall in love with them all over again! Their Summer 2014 collection this year is based on Brazil; lively colours that are bursting with energy and fun. The eyeshadow palette includes 4 gorgeous shadows (the peach is TDF) and a bright blue eyeliner. I always love the idea of eyeliners being added into eyeshadow palettes, it's so handy for travelling! Clarins makeup always gets a thumbs-up from me and this palette is a makeup junkie's dream. (I tried so hard not to ruin the printing on each shadow before taking photos!)
  • Sephora 8 Hour Mattifying Compact in No.15 'Light' (approx €15): I bought this powder when I was in Paris for my birthday earlier this month and I've been really liking it so far. It was the palest shade of the entire range, naturally, and is slightly too dark for me but it has made its way into my favourites as its staying power is great! I rarely have to top-up after setting my makeup with this, which always irritates me - I wouldn't be sure on it lasting for the specified 8 Hours but I would definitely say my face is shine-free for at least 3 hours after application. The packaging is sturdy and survives many a handbag fall, which is always a plus with a compact.
  • Make Up For Ever eyeshadow in No.76 (approx €17): I've been a huge fan of Make Up For Ever for years, as many of you know. They have a fantastic range of products for pale skin and the girls in the Clarendon Street store recently suggested I started to use their eyeshadow in No.76 as a contour powder. MUFE's eyeshadows are HIGHLY pigmented so they're completely okay to use on the face - this tone is the ideal contour shade for my complexion; it's not too dark nor orangey and there's a slight grey-ish undertone which makes the shadow effect look more realistic for a paler complexion. This will probably last me until the dawn of time, as the teeniest bit dabbed on to a contour brush is necessary for each application.
  • NYC Cheek Glow blush in No.655 'Central Park Pink' (approx €2.50): NYC is a godsend makeup brand for those on a budget. I'm not a blush gal at all but I've found myself using 'Central Park Pink' more than any blusher I own this year; it's a perfect muted peach shade - ideal for those of you who opt for more grungey looks like myself and tend to go heavy on the eyes liner-wise. It's quite sheer but buildable and adds just the right amount of colour to your face to awaken you.
  • Urban Decay 'Ink For Eyes' Waterproof Precision Eye Pen (€20): Urban Decay are known for their eyeliners globally - I've been wearing liquid liner since I was 13 so I've had my fair share of trying some from all kinds of brands. I was never a fan of pen liners until trying the brand's latest 'Ink For Eyes'. It has cut down my makeup application time by at least 5 minutes (a lot, if you're in rush - trust me) - the nib is slick and sturdy enough to create flawless flicks and it doesn't dry up after 10 seconds of use. This is a makeup staple for me daily now, I love it.
  • L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara (€13.49): Another makeup staple of mine this month has been L'Oreal's oh-so cute Miss Manga black mascara; there's not much to say on it other than it defines  and opens up the eyes beautifully, the brush is comfortable to work with and easy to use on both upper and lower lashes - plus, it doesn't clump. At all! It's hassle-free and the packaging is gorgeous.
  • Essie Spring 2014 collection polishes in 'Style Hunter' and 'Hide & Go Chic' (€9.99 each): Last but not least - nail polishes! I've become very lazy with my nails this year due to working in retail in 2013, I must admit - I'm slowly but surely getting into doing them regularly this month though and I've been repainting them over and over with these two shades from Essie's Spring 2014 collection; 'Hide & Go Chic' is a gorgeous grey-toned blue, perfect for those of you who love something bright but not too OTT. 'Style Hunter' is the ideal crimson shade for all ages and it looks fantastic on freshly-filed talons! Both polishes, like the majority of Essie polishes, last for days when two coats are applied and are totally worth the money. If you haven't tried an Essie polish yet, do - once you buy one, you'll be converted! Trust me.

What products are you loving lately? Tried any of the above?