Macho Monday #5 - SS'14 - Top 3 Trends for Men

Men’s fashion can be quite hit and miss sometimes and I think that’s because men generally don’t go outside of their comfort zone. They stick to what’s been done before, what they usually wear and what their friends wear. We have all been there and most of us still choose the safe option. Luckily in the last few years, high street clothing has started to become a lot more fashion-forward - especially for men. This means that guys are starting to finally wear nicer clothes, the only downside is that we are pretty limited to where we can shop affordably.  

I have selected three looks that every man can wear that won’t exactly break the bank, whether you like to go formal on a daily basis or prefer the relaxed and comfortable approach, these looks showcase some of the Spring/ Summer trends that can be integrated within your current wardrobe.

The 90's City Slicker
Checked shirts have always been around but finding a good one without looking like your dad can be tricky. Topman and River Island along with the odd vintage shop tend to have really nice ones but my advice is to stick to a simple, two or three block colour scheme for this season. I’ve styled this black and white squared shirt from River Island around the waist (the 90s skater style that I love) with a Raglan sleeve Tee from American Apparel, although Forever 21 do a cheaper alternative. These are teamed up with rolled up black skinny jeans from Topman, black Vans, a black snapback and a gold cross chain. If the weather is nice those jeans can be changed to shorts but just be careful not to go too lose or too high up! This look is simple but effective and really gives off a relaxed vibe.

The Urban Vampire
My personal favourite trend for this S/S is the all black everything. Black is a colour that is really easy to wear and pull off and can instantly make your clothes look more expensive. Don’t be afraid that you might look like a goth, because 9/10 times you won’t. Zara do really nice dark clothing as do All Saints but the latter is a bit pricey and Zara only caters for the taller man. The trick with wearing all black is to layer and experiment with different textures, tones and shapes. Here, I’ve chosen a bomber jacket from Topman but you may find an even cheaper alternative. Under that is an amazing sweatshirt from Killstar, an online shop that’s really not for the faint hearted! Like all sweatshirts, buy a size up as the oversized trend is still going strong. The gold design in this jumper breaks the black up making the look more approachable. Teamed up with these are the same black skinny jeans as they can literally be worn with anything and black Dr Martens but if they are out of your price range then black Nike runners or even the same black vans can be equally as effective.

The Sharp Shooter
Suits. The amount of men that wear suits is extraordinary but most of them are too afraid to stray outside of the dull shades of grey and navy and that weird off black colour. Don’t get me wrong, these suits can be lovely but to stand out and maybe try something new then the high street is where you need to go. Suits can be ridiculous money and although River Island have quite a nice selection at very good prices, Topman really is number one in formal wear. I own two Topman suits, one black and one burgundy and I can say they are beautiful. They fit perfectly and can be dressed down with ease. Their collection is always strong and whether it’s a three piece tweed or a skinny fit velvet you’ll find a suit that meets your personal style. I’ve chosen a lovely emerald green skinny fit suit for €150, a simple black shirt, black brogues from Office and gold collar tips. The trick with bold suits is to keep everything else minimal and muted. This look could be dressed down with changing the trousers to black slacks or the same skinny jeans as before, or change the black shirt to a white grandfather shirt and wear the jacket open, the combinations are endless!

(Blog post and illustrations - Conor Merriman)

What are your favourite trends this season? How do you plan on wearing them?