LA College of the Creative Arts - Fashion Styling Course | Photoshoot & Month #1

Styling | Leanne Woodfull 
Photographer | Justin Reilly
MUA | Jayne Fuller 
Model | Katey McGrath

(Clothing: Bomber jacket* - American Apparel, crochet top* - 9 Crow Street, shorts - vintage Levi's, boots - Doc Martens, jewellery - model's own.)

Many of you know that I've wanted to pursue fashion styling for many, many years. One of my first tastes of it was back in 2012, when I won an opportunity to style eBay's first live-streamed European fashion show with three other stylists. I knew it was for me the minute I threw myself into it - it was a massive success! Over the years, I've dipped into styling other people and models here and there but I promised myself that 2014 was going to be the year I gave it my all. I'm currently studying a diploma in Fashion Styling at Dublin's famous LA College of Creative Arts. The college best known for its makeup courses has recently launched a bunch of fashion courses; styling, millinery, buying etc. It's so fantastic to see such courses starting up in Ireland now, as it's something this country has really lacked - we may have a great range of design courses but those who want to go down the styling/ media route have very little to choose from. The Fashion Styling course I'm doing is spread out over 3 months; it's held on Monday and Tuesday evening every week and on three separate weekends for photoshoots. (There is a 3.5 weeks option for others wanting to delve into a crash-course but the spread out timetable suits me better.)
Darren Kennedy - one of Ireland's most renowned stylists and tv personalities - curated the entire course. It covers everything from trend forecasting, client briefing, photoshoot sourcing, makeup, colour theory, journalism - the list goes on and on! I started it back at the end of January and have to say I am absolutely ADORING it. I knew it was going to be a good course initially but it has blown all of my expectations out of the water. Already since beginning the course, I've become more confident, knowledgeable and enthusiastic in regards to fashion, styling, shooting and coming up with heaps of ideas for the future. 
The course is held in LA Creative's headquarters on Chatham Street, just off of Grafton Street. The class I'm in is full (yet small); 12 students of all different ages, backgrounds and styles. It's amazing! Lorna Clare Weightman (fashion writer, stylist) and Corina Gaffey (fashion editor of Stellar and KISS magazine) are our two tutors. We have guest visitors frequently though, including Darren Kennedy himself which is always a nice surprise and very inspirational. 
Throughout the course, students partake in three photoshoots. The first of ours being the one pictured above; I decided to stay inside my comfort zone for the first photoshoot (as recommended by our tutors) and opted for a 90's grunge skater vibe. What I do best! You're allowed to choose any theme you like, with whatever props and clothes you want - it's a fantastic opportunity to experiment before you start out in the industry properly; you're encouraged to give it your all but to be aware and work on your mistakes. The college provide you with makeup artists (fellow LA Creative students), a photographer and the location. You're in charge of clothing, sourcing a model, making a moodboard and coming up with your overall theme (although guidance is never out of reach).
I hope to pursue my styling career in full-swing after the course and have many an idea up my sleeve that you guys will hopefully love for the year ahead! I shall keep you all up to date on how the course is going and I will post regular snippets over on my Instagram and Twitter. I hope some of you looking to study something of a similar nature find this useful, as I know far too many fellow Irish fashionistas feel a little lost in regards to college and the likes.



  1. You did such a good job Leanne! It's great to see things are going well. I'm doing international fashion promotion at MMU which covers similar topics and I agree, once you start doing something that you love and you throw yourself into it, your confidence just grows and grows. I can't wait to hear more about it :)


  2. Fabulous post Leanne, I love hearing about all the amazing creative courses that young people are studying - sounds geeky but I just love it! Hope you enjoy the rest of the course as much as you already have x

  3. this sounds incredible, and I love the shoot! glad you're having such a good time doing it too xx


  4. ah this sounds brilliant! ireland is certainly lacking when it comes to good fashion related courses! glad you're enjoying yourself - that photoshoot turned out so well!! :)

  5. That is amazing, hope you really achieve what you want!

    Muny’sFashionFanatique | FASHION & STYLE BLOG

  6. Such an amazing shoot! It looks so professional. Reminds me of what you'd see in a River Island lookbook!

    Emma x

  7. This looks amazing! I would totally love to shoot something styled by you!

    Luiza x

  8. That course sound great! And I know a few myself who would love to be in that course! Nice to finally see courses like this in Ireland. :)

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