eBay Collections | Shop My Best Picks!

Bargain hunters, listen up! eBay have recently launched an exciting new way to shop across their website; eBay Collections is a tool in which buyers and sellers alike can get the most out of their eBay page by creating 'Collections' featuring items sold on eBay. You can create Collections based on a theme, style, a certain influence - inspiring buyers and helping them out a bit by organising your best picks into the one Collection.
eBay asked me to be one of the first creators of their Collections and I was over the moon to hop on board! I created 12 Collections in total ranging from Blogger's Paradise, Steal My Style, Shabby Chic and Malibu Tropicana. Each Collection was inspired by an era, subcultures or the best buys for a particular person. I found the creative process behind each collection to be really satisfying; seeing all of your chosen pieces come together in one collection looks fantastic and you can see instantly how it would help and inspire shoppers.

You can bookmark any item you come across on eBay and add it to your chosen collection - even just for the fun of it! Your chosen item is saved in your collection for you or someone else to purchase whenever suits. You can browse other peoples' Collections worldwide and it's an amazing way to see how peoples' styles and tastes differ globally. I'll be updating my Collections regularly so make sure to check back on them from time to time - I highly suggest giving it ago, especially if you find yourself on eBay constantly and want to experience a new way to shop!

Have you tried creating a Collection yet? Do you like the idea?