Wishlist #5

I must say, a lot has caught my eye over the last few weeks online. Between Youtube videos, movies and music videos - my wishlist has been building up with items I feel I MUST HAVE asap! This leopard-print shift dress from Motel Rocks is the perfect balance between grunge and classy; it could be worn a million and one different ways and let's face it, leopard-print will always work. Regal Rose's Crystal Quartz earrings are a current favourite of mine; the pair I own are really comfortable to wear throughout the day and always reign in the compliments from people - I adore this pair as the colours are beautiful and they're sleek enough to wear anywhere, at any time. I bought myself a silver iridescent purse in River Island a month or two ago and this Motel Rocks backpack matches it perfectly! I tend to opt for backpacks over any style of bag these days as they're handier and fit a tonne more stuff into them. (You can get 20% off of most full-priced items using the code 'leannewoodfull' at checkout on MotelRocks.com.)
Matty Healy is no doubt one of my current style icons; his trademark leather jacket makes me die with jealousy. There's a tonne of designer versions that look similar to his but this jacket from 'Caine' (a brand I've never heard of before) are selling this style at an affordable price on their website. I need, I need, I need! Matty is never seen without his T by Alexander Wang tee's - I plan on buying this long-sleeved jersey top along with a t-shirt soon as they're meant to wash incredibly well and last years - you just can't beat an investment basic piece.
Beauty-wise, I'm lusting over Bioderma's Crealine TS H20 Micellar Solution like half of the planet - I've tried various micellar solutions before; they're so simple to use and efficient, However, I MUST try the Bioderma version - it's quite annoying how it isn't stocked in Ireland yet, seeing as it's now available over in the UK! I've heard non-stop praises about this products and need to test it out for myself before the year is up. My final lust of the month has been a want of mine for at least a year now; Tarte is a popular makeup brand over in the States and I always hear about their products through many of the American Youtubers I follow. I never hear the end of their Amazonian 12-hour Clay Blush - it looks amazing for a start and every tutorial I've seen with it being used clearly shows just how gorgeous and pigmented the product is! Unfortunately, like Bioderma, we can't buy Tarte in Ireland. It's a brand I hope expands globally in the near future because I think it would do brilliantly over here.

What are you lusting over this month? Spot anything you like above?