Wishlist #4

Aloha all! What better way to start the new year off than with a wishlist? My fourth wishlist consists of mainly black and gold items - surprise, surprise - pieces that will easily transcend into Spring/ Summer '14 and can be worn in many different ways. I'm currently hugely inspired by 90's grunge girls and neo-witch styles; think Courtney Love meets American Horror Story: Coven. My love for black remains and even though Spring is upon us, I won't be rushing out to wear pastels anytime soon.
My ultimate lust are the UNIF Salem boots - chunky, named after my favourite place and absolutely divine. These boots look they could kill somebody so they're not the most wearable piece. If I could ever justify buying them, I'd probably put up a shelf to show them off in their honour. Keeping with the witch theme, two necklaces I'm in love with this month are Regal Rose's 90s-style sun choker and Rock'N'Rose's pentagram chain. Two very wearable pieces that would fit swimmingly amongst the rest of my wardrobe. TDF!
I've always opted for gold jewellery as opposed to silver and I'm adoring New Look's gold hoop earrings and cage ring. Both simple, both cheap as chips and both fitting to a tonne of styles and outfits. You really can't beat New Look for accessories, can you? I doubt that I'll be jetting off to some tropical island this Summer but it hasn't stopped me from window shopping for bikinis and swimwear - I absolutely adore this River Island bikini especially. The cut-out details give it an edge and the bustier top would be suitable to wear as a top also with battered Levi's or a high-waisted print skirt during the warmer months.
Islay from Islaay.com recently tweeted about this Canon camera remote control that she had bought off of Amazon; I've been meaning to get one for aaaages but the prices in shops kept putting me off. This control is a steal of Amazon and no-doubt it would make taking outfit photos easier! (Islay said the only catch is that it takes a few weeks to arrive). Motel Rocks keep bringing out stronger and stronger collections as the years going on and their Spring/ Summer pieces don't disappoint. Their daisy-print playsuit is a dream - it has Courtney Love written all over it and would look perfect teamed with Doc Martens, red lippy and a choker. The new metallic black trousers are absolutely gorgeous and they're a cheaper equivalent to buying American Apparel's disco pants. They give a leather-look and would be easily matched with 90% of anyone's wardrobe. These trousers tend to run small so I'd recommend going a size up! You can get 20% off full-priced items on Motel Rocks by using the code 'leannewoodfull' at the checkout.

What's on your wishlist this month?



  1. I want, want, WANT the RI bikini. I'm loving their SS14 collection <3 X


  2. I just posted a wishlist too! Haha. Love the bikini and the romper. We sell that ring where I work! It's only in black online, though.


  3. Gosh that pentagram chain is amazing! Love the whole vibe of the wishlist! That playsuit is adorbs 90s and those shoes...ahhh those shoes! x


  4. I love that daisy print! It's so 90's grunge, would look really good with some leather boots!

    Those chunky boots are absolutely ridiculous though (I mean in a good way) and they would look amazing on a shelf.

    If you do get them, please post a video of you walking in them, for the craic!

  5. What do you use to cut the images? Please reply back! (: xoxo baylie

  6. I've started doing wish lists every month on my blog! I need to buy things. =P

  7. I literally just bought this bikini via Asos! I can't wait for it to arrive :)
    Loving everything on this wishlist Leanne!


  8. i love the pentagram chain and those shoes are awesome!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  9. Love the jewellery pieces! The Canon remote is amazing and saves a lot of time! Can't wait to start using it for better quality images on my blog. So Yeh get one! Xx


  10. Leanne, I got a cheap Canon remote for the camera from ebay, for like 1 euro. It works very well, it took about 3 weeks to come, but it didn't bother me because it was so cheap!

  11. I absolutely adore the motel rocks jeans.


  12. I love those boots - i'd probably put them on a shelf too, so pretty to look at but i'd probably break a bone trying to walk in them :P

  13. Great wishlist doll, love it :)


  14. nice blog...that leather pant will look amazing with casual shirts..love it :)

  15. Amazing wishlist! I tenderly love Motel Rocks... I immediately noticed this printed dress <33 Absolutely lovely! x


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