River Island | SS14 Press Preview

I recently attended the ever-so fabulous River Island press event for their upcoming Spring/ Summer season. Over the years, it's safe to say River Island has changed dramatically in terms of style and design - for the better. The store offers more fashion-forward, on-trend and quirky pieces as opposed to the almost teenage, over-embellished and "party" vibes of 2/ 3 years ago. River Island is now up on the high street league along the lines of Topshop, H&M and Zara for their affordable take on designer trends. I was highly impressed with next season's range and I predict it'll attract completely new customers to the store, as the designs and price ranges are as attractive as ever.
SS14 is a very strong season for River Island; their shoe designs are flawless and will no doubt fly out of stores once they land. There's everything from flatform blocky sandals (the new wedge), strappy coloured stilettos and bejewelled Jackie O inspired flats. Accessories range from fluffy handbags, coloured leather totes and chunky brass jewellery. Clothing-wise, the strongest pieces for SS14 in River Island are the biker jackets - with a twist; patent pink PVC, floral sleeved (ah-mazing) and colours ranging from green to yellow and everything in between. 
I'm definitely more of an Autumn/ Winter gal when it comes to design, as I'm not so much a pastel or floral wearer like most - however, I'm loving River Island's monochrome range and I've spotted a few pieces that I'll be trying on for the warmer months ahead. There's definitely something here for everyone, pop in over the next few weeks and have a look at the new season pieces for yourself - it's definitely one of - if not the strongest season River Island has put out yet.

Spot anything you like? What's your favourite item?


  1. I love that monochrome rack. And the leather jacket with the floral sleeves??? LOVE! They really have changed! I can't wait for their SS14 line to come out!


  2. Ahhh, those jackets with floral sleeves! I've never seen anything like that! Love it (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  3. That lemon print! I can definitely see that on my nails in the near future and hopefully the shirt soon after that! I totally agree with the transition River Island has made over the past few years. It would have been a shop I would never go into but now I always find a cute top or dress with a really quirky print, which I love.

  4. Love the leather jacket with floral sleeves great twist!

  5. So many things I would love to have. The leather jacket is gorgeous.

  6. It all looks great, particularly love the pink!

    Kerry @ little bit of luxury

  7. I totally agree! RI has completely revamped themself into a brand that women and girls have fallen in love with, if not yet then are starting to. I'm super excited for their upcoming stock :) X


  8. That jacket is gorgeous! I agree with you when you say that RI have changed for the better. The party vibe of a few years ago really put me off going there, but they've really stepped up on the style :)

  9. i agree with you its changed so much! xx

  10. i will definitely be buying the biker jacket with floral sleeves. it's perfect. and i fell in love with it the other day when you posted a photo on instagram. it's perfect. the lime green color is DA BOMB. ♡
    i can't wait for the collection to be in stores, hopefully i'll get my hands on that jacket !

    thanks leanne :) wish you the best for the new year, by the way ! ♡

  11. The sunglasses look pretty cool, but hey, I like sunglasses! The jackets look cool as well, I can't remember seeing anything like those around before!

    Mollie // www.stalkingcrossthegallery.blogspot.com

  12. uhhmazing, I'm defo a monochrome gal so I'll have to pick up a few of the monochrome pieces from River Island, but those biker jackets are absolutely gorg!


  13. I spot lemon print! so exciting! xx

  14. Stunning! Great post too. You're so right, the shoes are incredible. I also like all these prints and rich colours <33

  15. oooh II LOVE those floral/petal sleeve jackets!

    Xo Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra


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