Product In Focus | Gadgets | Acer Iconia A1 Tablet

Just before Christmas, I was sent out Acer's Iconia A1* Tablet to review. I've never owned a tablet before and I was curious to see what the hype was about surrounding them - I think I could easily list off 20 people that received some for Christmas this year alone! Tablets are basically a hybrid of a laptop and a touchscreen phone - compatible in size but large enough to show videos and photos to their full potential.
The Iconia A1 Tablet runs on Android, it holds up to 16 GB flash memory and has both a front (0.3 MP) camera and rear (5 MP) camera. It's sleek in design, lightweight and has a crystal-clear screen. I was genuinely surprised at how light the tablet was; I bought my laptop last year thinking I'd be prancing around town with it easily in my handbag - after an hour of my shoulders nearly dislocating, I had certainly changed my mind. The Iconia A1 is easy to simply pop into your handbag and use as your on the go computer. I purchased this cat tablet case in Penneys (Primark) on sale for €2 to protect the tablet furthermore, as I've a pet-hate for on-screen scratches and want it to last.
After using the tablet for a month now, the performance has remained extremely fast and I've only experienced crashes when apps themselves have been down. Personally, it has been a godsend to me when out and about - especially when I attend events and need to jot down notes, take photos and email left, right and centre. I prefer typing blog posts with buttons so I leave the long text requirements to my laptop at home.
The tablet really shows off what it can do when using Instagram and Tumblr, as images literally pop out of the screen with quality and colour! I use the Iconia A1 for Tumblr daily, as the app experience is more enjoyable on it than on my laptop. Video quality is just as superb and I highly recommended downloading Netflix if you own this; movie streaming is a joy and the sound quality is fantastic. The tablet can be held lengthways or sideways, depending on whatever suits you. Typing is really easy when holding lengthways in particular.
I have yet to download any e-books or magazines, as I haven't had the time/ concentration span to sit down and read any. If you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments below. One of the greatest perks to the Iconia A1 is its battery life. My phone and laptop last merely hours and need charging daily but this tablet can last a handful of days without having to recharge - which I find a huge relief especially when travelling.
If you want an inexpensive alternative to the iPad, I couldn't recommend the Iconia A1 tablet enough - it's in and around €200; depending on where you buy it. It's currently on sale for €199 here on Dabs Ireland for anyone that NEEDS one stat (I can totally understand). For more information on the Iconia A1 and other Acer products, you can visit the website here. (Additional Acer tablet reviews).

Do you own a tablet? Have you tried the Acer Iconia A1?