Macho Monday #1 | Easy Skincare for Men

[Note from Leanne: Welcome all to my new weekly series; Macho Monday! Every Monday, different dudes shall be guest posting about everything from their skincare loves to their style advice for all of the men out there looking for some guidance. I've started this series as I believe there's a huge gap in the blogging world for men - especially in Ireland - so I hope this benefits all of the guys that read my blog. Tell your boyfriends, brothers and fathers - this is for them! Enjoy.]

Fortunately I do not suffer from acne but I do have quite oily-combination skin, so I’m prone to blackheads, dry skin and the odd breakout. This means that my skin can look shiny but with dry patches. If, like me, you cannot seem to stick to a daily skin care routine (believe me I’ve tried) and you have similar skin to me, then this may be the easy 4 step routine for you!

First is the Gillette Series 2in1 Thermal Face Scrub. As I previously said, I cannot stick to daily scrubs. I get bored, it gets late and well, you know the excuses. This scrub however is great. I use it in the shower so it has now become a regular feature amongst my shampoo and shower gel. It warms the skin, removes excess dirt and oils and softens your facial hair ready for shaving; as trimmed beards are now in fashion, this scrub really comes in handy as it stops the hairs from feeling bristly and if you’ve got that special someone, then they’ll love you even more. As the gel lathers it becomes warm, which is strange but you get used to it. All in all this facial scrub does what it’s supposed to, it makes your face clean, less spotty and feels incredible, believe me!

After this, I use Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub by Neutrogena. I get quite a lot of blackheads on my T-zone (the forehead and nose to the average Joe), this scrub aids in removing them or at least making them less visible. Only apply this to the problem areas and this product will last you the guts of half a year! Although this step is only really necessary if you have very oily skin, it’s not bad to include it anyway. I have a full review of this product on my blog, so if you are on the fence to whether or not this step is worthwhile give it a read as I explain the product in dept.

The third step in this skin care routine has helped my skin more than anyone will ever know! It’s the Freederm Fast Track Spot Gel. This stuff is brilliant as it seriously gets rid of a spot straight away. I apply this directly onto a spot and the redness and size reduces instantly. Unfortunately men cannot simply cover a spot with concealer as well as girls can, but this stuff is just as good. It comes in palm-size packaging so it’s always on the go with me just in case. I recommend this product to everyone!

Lastly is the moisturiser. This is the most important step in any skin care routine as it is the varnish that goes over the oil painting, that is your face. SERIOUSLY YOU CANNOT SKIP IT. I have used many moisturisers over the years but the one product that has never failed to at least work for the guts of the day is E45 Cream. I use the 50g tube as it means I don’t waste it like I would with the bigger tub. Moisturising your skin after cleansing is essential as it helps to bring moisture back into the face. This product is beneficial to everyone, not just those who suffer from badly dry skin but if you live in Ireland or somewhere with a quite cold and windy climate then this is your best bet!

All of these products are available from Boots Ireland.

(Blog post and illustrations - Conor Merriman.)

What skincare products do you use and recommend? Have you tried any of the above?