Simple Skincare | Simple Sense & Facial Wipe Myths

Simple was the first skincare brand I ever started using, back when my Stepmother bought me a range of their products when I was 12 years old. Ever since, I've always incorporated at least one of the brand's products into my skincare regime. Unfortunately, my skin has been going through a rough patch with post-surgery breakouts (more on that in my next surgery update post), so I've switched my skincare routine around completely. I recently attended an incredible Simple Skincare event in The Morgan Hotel, in celebration of their new online skincare survery; Simple Sense
Simple Sense is an interactive survey, that asks you questions based on your day to day life find a skincare (and lifestyle) routine best suited to you. Instead of just focusing in on skincare, Simple included diet, exercise and general wellbeing - as they all have a massive effect on our skin. Finding a routine suited to you can be massively overwhelming and confusing. Taking the Simple Sense survey is free to do, takes less than 5 minutes and gives you clear guidelines and advice. It's amazing!
I talked to four of Simple's experts at the event about my own skin, lifestyle and overall wellbeing and it was so informative, refreshing; it made me excited to give another routine a go and combat my problematic skin. 
One of the experts I spoke to was Caroline Frazer, a celebrity makeup artist and skincare expert. She was talking me through Simple's range of products, possible causes fo that Caroline highly recommended using Simple's face wipes, as most of us are lead to believe they're horrific to use on the skin regularly. Caroline herself said; "I've used face wipes on hundreds of people over the space of 15 years and in my experience, I've never had anyone react badly to Simple wipes. I wonder where the rumours are from in regards to them supposedly being so bad for your skin; I have not seen any evidence that proves that they're permanently damaging to the skin. If people have had bad reactions to wipes in the past, I'd suggest that they try Simple's range as they're designed for sensitive skin and contain the exact same skin-loving ingredients as our cleansers and washes do. We've spoken to technical researchers in the past about face wipes and the negative rumours surrounding them - they said that there's absolutely no problem with using them and that they don't have any long-term negative effects on the skin at all."
Caroline recommended that if you wear a lot of makeup, it'd be ideal to remove most of it with wipes but to then deep-cleanse the skin afterwards with a cream cleanser and toner. She advised that cleansing with your hands is the best method of all, as it exfoliates the skin, unclogs blocked pores and gives the skin immediate radiance as your increasing the blood flow.
I've used face wipes for years, personally as I find they're easy and effective when removing makeup - especially when you're tired and lacking in energy to do so after work or a night out. However, I stopped using them regularly after listening to the constant negativity surrounding them. I've had horrendous experiences with wipes in the past with them stinging my eyes, creating breakouts and many more skin problems for me. The only wipes I've repurchased are Simple's range and Boot's Cucumber Wipes. Simple's Cleansing Facial Wipes from their Kind To Skin range are phenomenal at removing makeup - even tough mascara, eyeliner and waterproof products. They're around €4 to buy, but you can buy two packs for €5 in most Penneys stores nationwide! I usually take the most of my makeup off with one wipe and then go in with a cream cleanser to remove it all. I've gone back to using a lot of Simple's products, as my skin is reacting badly to a lot of the higher-end heavy products I have in my stash. Sometimes I find it's best to go back to basics, especially if your skin is irritated.
I highly recommend giving Simple skincare products a go, especially if you'r skin tends to react badly to a lot of products. Of course, like any brand, some people have had bad reactions to their products but it's best to try them for yourself. The majority of people who try Simple, love it. They're affordable, kind to the skin and genuinely care and look after their customers as a brand. It was amazing meeting the Simple team; I genuinely haven't felt so confident with starting a new routine in years!

Do you use Simple skincare? What are your favourite products?