My Underbite Experience. (Post-Surgery) 3 Months

Aloha all! Who can believe it's over 3 months since the surgery?! I surely can't - it's flown in. This post won't be the longest, as quite frankly there's nothing much to talk about. I ramble on in the video below, so make sure you watch that for side profile shots and close-ups of my bite etc.
Unfortunately, some complications have arisen for me over the last few weeks; I have two elastics back in, due to a gap from an extracted tooth causing a lot of chaos in my mouth. A huge gap at the side of my lower jaw started to get bigger and bigger, and subsequently started moving my lower teeth all over the place. My midline is now slightly off, along with my bite - which terrified me. For my bite to go from meeting in the middle, to underbite, to perfect bite and then meet back in the middle was absolutely heartbreaking to wake up to. I honestly thought my underbite was growing back; which is next to impossible, in all honesty. I went to my orthodontist asap and she applied some springs and elastics in my mouth to correct it all. She said I'm a walking Murphy's Law and I couldn't agree more! Hopefully it's all fixed within weeks, I'm dying to get my braces off.
There's not much pain, except for my jaw joints aching from time to time and the elastics making some areas of my teeth sensitive. I'm still completely numb on the bottom left-handside of my face (bottom lip and chin) and my upper gums are still completely dead to the world. I can more or less eat anything, although I still find it uncomfortable to eat really crunchy things such as crisps or crusty bread. 
In terms of swelling, it's more or less gone except for the areas around my nose and on my lower-left jawline (whereabouts the damaged nerve is). As many of you know, 3 months is when you're officially 100% healed from the surgery; when your broken bones have fused together fully. It's a relief to know I'm not walking around with two broken jaws anymore, as it was quite terrifying incase anything happened! All in all, everything's going fine. :)