Manchester Parklife Festival Trip with

(L-R), Zoe, Lily, Chyaz, Tasha and myself on Saturday.
The amazing team at BooHoo flew me over to Manchester at the weekend, to attend Parklife Festival with some other bloggers. I had an absolutely incredible time; I've never been to Manchester before, so it was amazing to finally see the sites and explore the city. I was nervous and excited to meet the other bloggers but it was a relief to see we all clicked and got on immediately. All in all, six of us went on the trip; Lily left early and Becca joined us on the Sunday morning. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel in Piccadilly, called the Abode. I stayed in my own room complete with a gigantic bed, huge bath and a gorgeous window-view. I felt like a princess! BooHoo provided us lucky girls with our outfits for the weekend, as well as some goodies to bring along with us.
Parklife itself was so much fun! BooHoo had their very own chill-out area and bus on the site, where you could get makeovers and DIY your own sunnies. The act I was most excited to see over the weekend was Iggy Azalea; she played on the Sunday to thousands of people and luckily we were up near the front. It was my second time seeing her live and she absolutely killed it! (That night, she reposted and 'liked' my photo of the show on Instagram - which totally let out my inner fangirl.) 
As well as heading along to Parklife, we went out for gorgeous meals in places such as Rosso and Home Sweet Home. We went out to bars each night; my favourite being a rock bar called Satan's Hollow - Chyaz, Zoe and myself share a love of rock music so we were all in our element! Chyaz brought me to Affleck's Palace on Monday morning before I flew home also, as a heap of you recommended that I go there. It was a building full to the brim of alternative clothing and food - it was heaven! (I'll be posting a separate haul video and blog post this week, so keep an eye out).
The trip was by far the greatest blogger experience I've had so far; it feels great receiving such amazing opportunities, from something you've put your heart and soul into for years! The BooHoo team were so amazing and friendly - Rosie and Roxanne have the patience of saints! Meeting the other bloggers was my favourite part of the whole trip, I must say - it's made me even more confident and eager about moving over to the UK this year, as I now have a bundle of friends to hang out with. Thanks so much to BooHoo for this opportunity, it was by far one of the best experiences of my life (as cheesy as it sounds)!

Make sure to check out the other bloggers that attended the trip, their blogs are all fabulous and are my go-to reads at the moment: Zoe - The London Lipgloss, Chyaz -, Tasha - Tasha Green, Lily - LLYMLRS and Becca - Fashion-Train.

What I wore to Parklife..
DAY 1: White fringed jacket - BooHoo Boutique, Crop top - BooHoo, Tropical-print shorts - BooHoo, Chain necklace - BooHoo, Sunglasses - Romwe, Hat - Urban Outfitters and Converse Platforms - ASOS.

DAY 2: Kimono - BooHoo Boutique, Faux leather-look dress - BooHoo, Perspex studded bag - BooHoo, Necklace - Coleen Rooney x Littlewoods Ireland and Converse Platforms - ASOS.