Benefit 'Stay Flawless' 15 Hour Primer | Review

I attended the amazing launch of Benefit's newest product last week; Stay Flawless*, the 15-hour primer. Stay Flawless doesn't launch until July 1st but after using it continuously throughout the week, I felt I needed to share my love for it asap! I adore Benefit's 'POREfessional' Primer, so I had high expectations! Stay Flawless is a twist-up primer, that you apply directly on to the face in circle motions. The product is flesh-coloured on the pan, but applies transparent. It instantly smoothes the skin and creates the perfect base for your makeup, however it doesn't combat the issue of visible pores as well as the POREfessional; I find using them both gives the best results, applying the POREfessional over my T-Zone area to conceal any visible pores I have.
Stay Flawless acts as a 'glue' for your base; it helps to ensure that your makeup stays on for as long as possible. I wore this during a festival last weekend and ended up wearing makeup for at least 12 hours everyday. Stay Flawless definitely contributed to my makeup staying put throughout the day, although I found my makeup started to get a little funky around my T-Zone area after 10 or so hours, as per usual. Nothing powder couldn't fix! My makeup was intact absolutely everywhere else on my face however, it was impressive to see! 
We're going through a heatwave in Ireland at the mo and I find using this under a light foundation helps to ensure that it stays put and doesn't melt and move all over my face in the heat. It's a brilliant product, so definitely give it a go in July if you're looking for a new primer to try out. It will retail at €35.50; not surprising for Benefit. A lot of their products are overpriced, but the majority do work well. Will I repurchase? The price puts me off slightly if I'm honest, but I'll see how long it lasts me.

What's your favourite primer to use at the moment?