Welcome To My Bedroom; My Safe Haven..

 I'm sure many of you can relate to the feeling of relief when you open the door into your bedroom after a long and tedious day, collapsing on to your bed and whipping your bra off immediately (let's be honest). My bedroom is indeed my safe haven; packed with inspiration, memories and everything I love. I'm quite a Victorian when it comes to decoration; I'm known to like a bit of (organised) clutter and images scattered everywhere and anywhere. Minimalism isn't my forté! Whether it be Old Hollywood postcards, paintings, music vinyls or photographs of friends, I like to be reminded of what makes me happy on a daily basis.

(Featuring; posters and postcards from the Imperial War Museum, London. Paintings by Paddy Lennon and Christine Lennon (my Aunty and Uncle), an original London Calling vinyl (favourite object I own), an Ikea wardrobe and bookshelf, books from The Book Depository, a plastic chandelier from Homebase and an array of bits'n'bobs from here, there and anywhere.)