How To Style: Converse All Stars

One of my most requested blog posts since I started Thunder & Threads, has been how to style Converse. How I haven't written about them before is beyond me, so here we go! I wear my Chucks constantly, I feature them regularly and have an undying love for the classic shoe. The company Converse is over 100 years old and still growing from strength to strength to this day. They're an extremely versatile shoe; you can wear them with practically anything! I love both the high top and low top versions, and currently own quite a few pairs (pictured above). My first pair of Converse were black high tops; I bought them when I was 13 and subsequently drew emo-licious pictures and lyrics all over them (broken hearts, MCR lyrics - I was cool). I wore them to death and eventually had to bin them. I've never not owned a pair since!
Styling-wise, the less you think about styling a pair of Converse, the better. They're a casual shoe that can add edge and an element of grunge to any look. Take Kristen Stewart, whom I adore, wearing a pair of Converse with her Yigal Azrouel dress to the MTV Movie Awards. It shocked the fashion critics worldwide, caused quite a frenzy but oh, did it work! It suited her, she looked like she was actually comfortable walking down the red carpet and it was different. I absolutely adore wearing Converse with dresses and skirts; it's unexpected and it doesn't look like you've tried too hard. 
If you want that Olsen-esque laidback 'I just threw this on' vibe to your outfit, throw on an oversized baggy jumper/ cardigan, a pair of black leggings and some Converse and you're good to go. Add chicness with a slouchy bag and oversized sunnies, if you don't want to look too shabby! My day to day outfits usually consist of my leather jacket, a band t-shirt and Levi shorts. I tend to wear my Converse with those outfits 90% of the time; I reach for them more than my Vans and other casual shoes. If you find that your outfits are too simple and lack 'edge', invest in a pair of printed Converse (like my leopard-print pair pictured above) and you're good to go. 
High top and low tops alike tend to lengthen the legs when worn, so they're ideal to throw on during the Summer months. They look just as good with bare legs, as they do with fishnet tights and skinny jeans. There's a pair out there for everyone - trust me!
If you don't own a pair of Converse yet, I'd recommend sticking to a black or white pair as you'll get more wear out of them and will be able to style them with more pieces. There's a huge range of Converse out there; the 90's-style platforms are particularly en vogue at the moment! I got this all-black pair (pictured below) from ASOS on sale at around Christmas time. They're just as comfortable as my regular-soled Chucks and they give me that extra bit of height - which is always good! Sometimes Converse do hurt when breaking into them initially, but out of all of my pairs, only two have hurt significantly during the first few wears. I personally love when Converse get a little grubby and worn-looking, and tend to purposely try and get them a little messed up during the first few days.
How I style Converse.. 
There's a heap of places you can buy Converse from - my favourite stores in particular are ASOS, JD Sports and Office. All three usually stock not only the basic styles, but also trendy and limited edition Converse. I'm a size 6 1/2 (UK) in shoes but in Converse I'm a size 6. They tend to stretch slightly after a good bit of wear, so always try on a pair prior to buying.
I have my eye on a few pairs of Converse at the moment, in particular a pair of nude low-tops. They'd be ideal to wear with faded skinnies rolled up at the ankle and an oversized white t-shirt! 

How do you wear your Converse? What styles do you own?