Zero Gravity 'Black Magic' iPhone Case | Review

 We all know that one of the main reasons people want iPhones is for the vast range of covers and cases you can buy for them, me included! I change my phone covers, like I change my outfits. I love switching it up and having a bit of fun with them - the more unique, interesting and fun they are, the better! US brand Zero Gravity recently sent me out an iPhone case of my choice; I chose their magnificent ouija board cover entitled 'Black Magic'*. I'm sure you're all aware by now that I love all things paranormal, spooky and gloomy - I think it's fair to say this phone cover suits me quite well.
The Black Magic phone cover is neat, easy to apply on the phone and is sturdy. I usually find that plastic covers can be flimsy and easily breakable with iPhones, but not a scratch has landed on this since I put it on early last week (I'm quite clumsy, this is a major plus)! The phone cover doesn't cover the screen, so the front of the iPhone isn't altered in any way. iPhone screens are extremely delicate and are known to break so easily, I'd recommend keeping your iPhone in a phone sock with one of these covers on them - just to be safe. 
The Black Magic phone cover works out at around €20 ($24.50) and you can buy it online here. The Black Magic design is also available here for iPhone 5's, laptop covers, iPad covers and more. Zero Gravity offer an absolutely huge range of iPhone cases, so they're ideal to order for a gift for someone. I'm thrilled with my case, and the quality of it especially. I plan on purchasing more cases from Zero Gravity in the future for myself and friends. Impressed!

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