After the recent success of my previous two Win My Wardrobe giveaways, I've decided to post Day 3 up early! I'm sure you all know the jist by now, but just in case; I cleared out my bedroom a week or two ago, getting rid of things I didn't want, wear or get use of anymore. I've given bags of clothes and makeup away to charity, friends and family but I also wanted to give bits away to you guys. 
I'd never sell clothes that have been sent to me by PR's or a company, so I thought it'd be a good idea to give away my "wardrobe" through competitions. I still love each and every item listed, but I just don't have the room for it all anymore. All of the pieces have been featured in my most popular outfit posts and videos - you probably recognise them! There'll be one more Win My Wardrobe giveaway posted on this blog next week, featuring a very special item of clothing worth over €120!

The prizes this time around include an AX Paris black dress with studded detailing on the upper back and around the neck, a Motel Rocks black cropped Peter Pan collar shirt and a Romwe PVC studded skirt. All of these items haven't been worn more than twice, and there are no signs of damage or wear on any of them.

T&C's & info..
All of the items are a size UK 8-10.
One winner will receive all three items.
This is open to Ireland & UK residents only.
The giveaway will end on Saturday 20th April (3 days).
Winner selection: I select 5 people at random, and the person with the most extra entries completed wins. (This is how I've run my giveaways for years, and it works best for me!)
If the winner doesn't email me back within 2-3 days, I'll select another winner.
I'll be announcing the winner on Twitter and on my Facebook page.

To enter..
You MUST follow this blog via GFC or Twitter - click here to follow. 
Leave a comment below telling me how you'd style one/ all of the items.
Leave your email address in the comment (this is how I'll notify the winner).

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Good luck! xo


  1. I'd style the skirt with a cute chiffon top and some loafers :-) olivebowlrock@hotmail.co.uk

  2. I'd wear the top and skirt together! amcavill@outlook.com

  3. i'd style the dress with jc's or docs

  4. I'd style the top with my cathedral print/stainglass window leggings for an oomph of colour, and some simple sandals for that spring/summer feel!

  5. GFC + Bloglovin + Facebook + Youtube: Megan Maguire
    Twitter + Instagram: megtit
    Tumblr: badly_drawngirl
    E-mail: kaythanksninja@hotmail.com

    I would style the peter pan collar shirt with a lilac lace skirt, frilly socks and black litas. Then to punk it up a bit I'd wear an over-sized black leather jacket and some dark purple lipstick. :-)

    I completed all the extra entries too.

    Megan xo

  6. Sorry i dont have instagram but i follow you on the other social networks... thanks for the opportunity youre giving us!!!

    I love all of the clothes you re giving away!!
    the dress i would style it with some opac thights and chunky heels.

    the shirt i would where it with highwaisted shorts,and a red lipstck.

    the skirt i would wear it with a logo or band t shirt and riding boots :)

    Love you! good luck to everyone!!
    my email is:kallismuhouse@yahoo.com

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  8. id style the dress with a pair of blue heels to add colour and add a blazer to keep it really simple and classy and elegant! id also add a bold lip colour to spice it up a bit xxxxxxxx

  9. I think the black cropped Peter Pan collar shirt would look very cute with some high Levi grey shorts! Black converse to go and hair up in a high ponytail with a bandana to complete :) lydiadoyle1996@yahoo.ie

  10. i'd style the skirt with a crop top and a long necklace elizabethjleslie@hotmail.co.uk

  11. #1 For the black dress I'd keep it simple and try not to take away emphasis from the detail. I'd style it with some high silver metallic heels.

    #2 For the black shirt with peter pan collar I'd wear a red leather a-line skirt and some black patent loafers.

    #3 I'd style this beautiful black wet look skirt with a black polo kneck, tweed grey boyfriend blazer and some top shop cut out boots (as seen on Alexa Chung)


  12. sorry my email address is amyscoversp@gmail.com xxxxx

  13. I'd wear the AX paris dress with a really low denier black tights & wear boohoo black "litas", I'd also wear my hair up in a messy bun to show the detailing on the dress and a floral head band to jazz up the colours
    my email: hannahddora@hotmail.com

    Your blog is unreal & it's amazing how well this is all going for you & you'll definitely get far with it : )

  14. Hey Leanne great give away! All the clothes are amazing!!

    I'd style the AX Paris black dress with studded JC nightwalkers and a neon perspex bag.

    I'd put the Motel Rocks black cropped Peter Pan collar shirt with a leather skirt dark lippy and red heels.

    I'd wear the Romwe PVC studded skirt with a red checkered shirt buttoned up and docks.


  15. I'd style the top with a skater skirt and some red lipstick x

  16. I would style the skirt with the top and some statement heals like some Jeffrey Campbell litas

    And i would style the dress with some Jeffrey Campbell tardy's and vampy lips, so that the dress can do most of the talking :)

    Thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity to win items from your wardrobe, which i have always been jealous of!

    My e-mail: kittykat16@btinternet.com

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  18. I would style the wet look skirt with a black plain vest crop top and a silver chunky chain, offt <3 :) and the dress to keep it simple, skin tights and Coltrane boots and a black lipstick (Coltrane boots obviously from Jeffery Campbell) there AMAZING boots! e-mail is KayTabithia@gmail.com

  19. I would style the skirt with a monochrome blouse that has leahter detail along with black tight and my black heels :) 14ciara14@gmail.com

  20. id style the black leather skirt with a kusubi baddies top , then id wear a pair of smokey black hubbles boots by nude shoes , and if its cold id put an over sized drop at the back cardigan on and , id also add a spiked ear cuff and siler knuckle rings. :) and to add a pop of colour id do a deep maroon lippy and winged eyeliner :)

  21. I would style the First dress with bare legs and maybe a bright lipstick to make it more summery, I would also style the Black shirt with a black leather skirt. and red wedges with red lippie!


  22. id style the black leather skirt with a kusubi baddies top , then id wear a pair of smokey black hubbles boots by nude shoes , and if its cold id put an over sized drop at the back cardigan on and , id also add a spiked ear cuff and siler knuckle rings. :) and to add a pop of colour id do a deep maroon lippy and winged eyeliner :)

  23. id style the black leather skirt with a kusubi baddies top , then id wear a pair of smokey black hubbles boots by nude shoes , and if its cold id put an over sized drop at the back cardigan on and , id also add a spiked ear cuff and siler knuckle rings. :) and to add a pop of colour id do a deep maroon lippy and winged eyeliner :)

  24. 3rd times lucky!!

    So I style the skirt with a baggy, grey t-shirt with sleeves cutout down to the waist (with a black bandeau underneath) tucked into it. I would wear my black creepers from pennies, a pair of black sheer tights and my all time favourite vintage, khaki army jacket that was my dads when he was 16!

    I would also style the Peter Pan collar shirt with a pastel pink pair of high waisted shorts as I think the colour would balance out the "eerie-ness" of the top! I would pair it with either black/white pumps and lots of pastel coloured bangles!

    As for the dress, I would leave it as it is, with no necklaces or bracelets, and just have my black, suede, chunky heeled lace up boots (They're less extravagant than they sound) and a simple black, off-the-shoulder clutch with silver studs!

    I follow your blog here on blogspot.ie

    My e-mail address is: lauren.nicolac@gmail.com
    I follow you on twitter, my username is: ilikespuds_
    I am subscribed to you on youtube, my username is: laurensaysHAI
    I follow you on bloglovin, my username is: ilikespuds
    I like Thunder & Threads and Leanne Woodfull on facebook, my fb name is: Lauren Corcoran
    I follow you on instagram, my username is: ilikespuds1
    I follow you on tumblr, my url is: ilikespuds

    Btw. Leanne, you say in the post "You MUST follow this blog via GFC or Twitter - click here to follow.", but every time I click the link, it never works.. so I'm sorry about that!

  25. I would style the Motel Rocks black cropped Peter Pan collar shirt with a black velvet skater skirt, and a pair of black Chelsea boot heels. And accessorise with a gold chunky chain, turquoise and gold rings, and to top it off, my PRIZED black gold letter logo Moschino belt <3

    I follow you on Twitter,
    I'm subscribed to your Youtube page
    I follow on Bloglovin'
    I 'Like' Thunder & Threads and Leanne Woodfull on Facebook
    AND I follow you on Tumblr


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  27. Following on Twitter & GFC, Subscribed on Youtube, Following on Bloglovin', Liked Thunder & Threads on Facebook, Liked Leanne Woodfull on Facebook , Following on Instagram . Jemappellejess@hotmail.com . I would style the dress with some Litas or maybe some simple black heels, the back of it is such a statement I'd want to keep all the focus on that. Great giveaway Leanne.x

  28. I would team the peter pan(alice collar) top with a High waisted red pencil skirt with a pair of patent shoes pointed court shoes and Ray-Ban wayfarer's for a vintage glam look

    I would style the leather-look skater skirt with an over sized asymmetric band logo white vest, tucked into the skirt and an over sized army jacket green cameo or simple khaki colored jacket and a black pork pie hat if you were personally inclined


    all extra entries were previously completed

  29. i would wear the short sleaved blouse with high waisted shorts ,red heels and red lipstick
    the leather skirt with a white punk tshirt and my black converse

    and the black dress with stunning spiked heels and opaque tights x:)


  30. I would style the Motel Rocks black cropped Peter Pan collar shirt with a pair of topshop disco pants and converse! :) email: aoibhinn.a@hotmail.com

  31. I'd style the top under a black waxed denim pinafore dress I've had my eye on in Warehouse paired with frilly socks, patent dr marten shoes, a ballerina bun and red lipstick! Email is: kimjustinecadogan@gmail.com and I've also taken advantage of all the other entries (✿◠‿◠)

  32. I'd style the skirt with a black studded transparent chiffon shirt as I am obsessed with black :D followed you everywhere under Agnes Es ^_^


  33. Id style the black dress with black heels and a bright lip!


    GFC: Emma LF
    Twitter: emmahatescats
    Bloglovin username: efxo
    Youtube: alltheprettythingstv
    Facebook: Emma Furlong
    Instagram: emmafurlong

  34. I would style {the dress} with a pony tail, bare legs and my vintage silver stilettos.

    I would wear the top with black high waisted leather shorts and vintage silver stilettos.

    I'd style the skirt with a vintage slogan t shirt with the slogan "Girls one WIld Film Crew", black tights, black ankle boots and my camo jacket.



    1. Already following you on everything!

      Twitter - BrónaghKennedy
      Youtube - PotentialGrace
      Facebook - Brónagh Kennedy
      Instagram -Brónagh Kennedy
      Tumblr - slaves of the impractical
      Bloglovin - Brónagh Kennedy


  35. Lovely items! I'd style to AX dress with a neon clutch and neon socks to brighten it up a bit :)
    Already folllow on GFC,youtube,twitter,tumblr and instagram!

  36. I'd style the skirt with a white floaty top and me black studded platform creepers.
    E-Mail: bookblogging78@gmail.com

  37. I would style the AX Paris dress with nude tights, my silver Pandora bracelet, some black heels I own with rhinestones on the heel, and a plain black clutch.
    If I was going for something a little more colorful I would pair it with a bright shoe.
    I really like all three pieces, and the skirt is something really different I'd love to have a go at styling :)

    GFC - Sarah (pic of eye with purple make up)
    Twitter - @EntirelySarah
    Youtube - xtriSARAHtopsx
    Bloglovin' - http://entirely-sarah.blogspot.co.uk/
    Instagram - @Entirelysarah
    Tumblr - http://entirely-sarah.tumblr.com/
    Email - entirelysarahblog@gmail.com

    Good luck to everyone who enters! xx

  38. i'd style the PVC skirt with either a studded bralet or a coral coloured top. for shoes i'd wear creeper wedges and fishnets and a neon coloured necklace/clutch.
    email: sarah.vernon@stvincentsdundalk.ie i followed you on all the things too :)

  39. Id wear the lovely black dress with some killer heels like my Iron Fist heels. Id also love to wear the top with a pretty skirt like a pale blue one or pink skirt, or rock it with a nerdy skirt such as my batman on :D Id love to wear the leather dress with something girl to mix it up.

    My email is seren.heron@gmail.com

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  41. id wear the dress with wacky tights and docs, the shirt with a skirt and knee socks and the leather skirt with a furry jacket, i follow you on all the websites!
    Facebook-tara shiels
    twitter-tara shiels

  42. i love the dress and the skirt. i would wear the skirt with a tight black top and a statement necklace with a black leather jacket over it and wine docs. the dress id wear with jeffrey campbell heels and a vintage faux fur coat with a bow head piece. i follow on blogspot, tumblr, twitter,facebook(2) :)



  43. I'd style the skirt with a tight black string top (tucked in), monochrome blazer and a pair of converse. The dress - would look amazing with a over-sized mint green envelope clutch and heels (maybe a dash of plum lippy too). The top, I'd pair with acid wash style grey skinny jeans and short black chunky boots or docs.

    Email: sofi.gov@hotmail.com
    Twitter: @Sophie_Govz
    Youtube: PiinkPopcorn (my profile is so cringy, made it like a zillion years ago, apologies)
    Bloglovin': Sophiegovzman
    Instagram: @sophiegov
    tumblr: kurtthummell

    Both Facebook pages liked and blog followed via google:)

    I'm a huge fan Leanne and I'd die if I won those amazing pieces. Seen you around town a couple of times actually, too scared to say hi though. Hope you're feeling well after your surgery, can't wait for any new vids x

  44. I'd style my hair in an updo to show of the back of the dress and my neck piercing, cant show that off enough :L, i wouldn't put to much accessories with it maybe a few rings or an hand chain(Gold of course), the top with go killer with a pair of High wasted jeans, black preferably. I'd style the skirt with a cute little crop top with my long cross necklace and a pair of black platform wedges :)

  45. For the dress (which I love) I would probably keep it fairly simple, with some tights or just bare legs for a night out. I would pair it with some killer heels and a red lip to add a touch of glamour and a pop of colour.

    For the leather skirt, I could either dress it up or down as it's a very versatile piece. I would tuck in a basic black or white tee (white to tie in monochrome trend) and then just some simple flats or heels to dress it up.

    For the top, I think it would be perfect with either some disco pants or in the Summer, with high waisted shorts or a skater skirt!

    I follow you on all accounts:
    Twitter - @missbeautyblogg
    Youtube- missbeautyblogger
    Bloglovin' - missbeautyblogger
    Facebook - Stephanie Coll (both pages)
    Instagram- stephanie_coll
    Tumblr- missbeautyblogger
    GFC: missbeautyblogger

    Thanks for the great giveaway- I love your blog!

    1. woops sorry- my email is missbeautyblogger12@gmail.com

  46. I love this giveaway idea!
    That motel top would look perfect with some disco pants and wedges!!

    GFC Katie
    Bloglovin Gold Dust
    Twitter @katieatki
    Facbook KAtie Atkinson
    Instagram Katieatki
    YouTube Kate A



  47. Oh the dress is gorgeous! I'd no doubt style it with ankle boots!

  48. Everything is WANT.

    I'd style the dress with two silver cuffs on either wrist, fishtail plaited hair, punchy colour like Mac Violetta on the lips :)

    I've done all of the extras, would love to win..!


  49. I would wear the skirt with my panda motif jumper tucked in, creepers and red lips!

    Liked & followed all as either Sian Adams or BeatificSmileX :)


  50. I would style the Skirt with a chiffon cream blouse with gold studs on the collar,black tights and converse:)

  51. I would style the black shirt with my high waisted jeans and nude peep toe heals. emma.banks2@mail.dcu.ie

  52. I'd style the peter pan collar top with a rainbow skater skirt, converse and my rose gold chain necklace from h&m :) shannon@metalised.com

  53. I'd style the skirt with a crisp white shirt, some black tights and little ankle boats


  54. I'd style the black dress with red lips, red nails and red heels.
    I'd style the top with high waisted shorts and vans.
    I'd style the skirt with a basic white top and chunky gold chain.


    I follow on all the extra entries apart from Bloglovin'

  55. I have this fifties style skirt that I'd put with the Peter Pan collared shirt. I'd wear my silver heels with the dress and the skirt is something I'd team with my Beatles tee. rebeccastonesinger@gmail.com I really love your blog Leanne! Thanks, bye!

  56. I'd style the dress with an up-do in some shape or form, along with an elegant pair of either nude or black heels. :) email: clodaghmcgin@yahoo.co.uk

  57. I'd style the skirt with a crop top, oversized denim jacket and converses!

  58. These clothes are beautiful!

    The dress is a statement piece in itself - it wouldn't need styling! I'd wear it with some simple jewellery like a bracelet or ring or two, as not to draw attention away from the detailing. Then I'd pair it with some black heels to let the dress do the talking.

    I'd style the top with something high waisted, either disco pants, a skater skirt or leather shorts (or the PVC skirt!). Then I'd team it with something like creepers or docs. It'd look nice with a red lippy and a few accessories.

    The skirt would look great with anything! From a band tee to a crop top to a shirt or even a bralet. I'd probably go with a studded shirt or a crop top. Then it'd look great with either a statement pair of heels on a night out or some pumps during the day. Smoky eyes are a must (and maybe some lippy too, might as well channel my inner 'goth') and a chunky necklace if wearing a crop top.

    email: hannahterry105@hotmail.com

  59. For the dress, I'd leave it as alone as possible. I'd add in a pair of red flats. Then have a sleek high pony tail, or a bun, to show off the back of the dress. Put some simple eye make up on and maybe add in some red lips.
    For the skirt, I'd put it with a brightly colored skater skirt. Or possibly with a floral skirt, the skirt would have reds and blue in it. Maybe some black flats, or black botas.
    then for the skirt, I'd put it with a long sleeve band-like shirt. I'm imagining it right now with a specific shirt I have in my closet. It dark, with black at the shadow areas (like under the arms and at the seems) then it has a dark teal, with a fake old advertisement for the grand opening of an old theatre. The wording it a darken, kinda worn out gold color. Id have that shirt tucked into the skirt then put it with a pair of black chucks. And then for makeup it would be really simple, black eyeliner, nude lips. Then throw on either a chunky gold bracelet or necklace.
    email: cassandra.govoni@gmail.com

  60. For the dress I'd probably wear my black high heel boots and no tights, and throw on some hand jewelry since the back has some and the sleeves are a bit to long for wrist jewelry. Maybe a big silver ring one hand, and then small spiked jewelry on the other as smaller accents. I'd also probably do an up-do like style as in a messy bun show that I could present the back of the dress properly, a bit of red lipstick and some semi-smokey eyes.

    The peter pan collar shirt I have a pair of high waisted black shorts that would look cute with it, and then a pair of sheet white polka dotted tights. Then i'd probably throw on a pair of cute thigh high socks with frills at the top, and throw on a pair of thigh high boots. I'd put some loose curls in my hair and fluff it up a bit, and put some pink lipstick on, and make my eye makeup very light with mascara.

    The leather skirt is literally perfect, I'd put on a pair of black thigh high faux sock tights. Along with a pair of thigh high black boots, for my top I'd wear my gray cut off tank that says "C'est le coup de foudre" and then put on a navy green lightweight jacket. Then keep my hair down and flowy, along with dark fushia lipstick, and cat eye liner.

    email: natasha.naiad1@gmail.com

  61. For the skirt I would pair it with a leopard print shirt tucked in, denim jacket which has band patches on, purple docs and a long chunky chain necklace


  62. the back of the AX paris dress is absolutely stunning, i'd wear it with a pair of killer maroon wedges to add a bit of colour along with a matching maroon clutch bag! of course you'd have to wear your hair up to show off the stunning detail at the back! <3 <3 <3

    dalyk_ (twitter)

  63. I'd style the collared top with a white, floppy 50s sunhat, red nails, red lips, a gold chain could work too!
    I think the leather skirt would look great with a cream sheer(ish) collared top, possibly with black cuffs and collar and a statement pair of classic jeffrey campbell's (if i could afford them!)
    I'd team the jacket with denim on top and leather pants and possibly a greyish crop top plus biker boots
    The dress would look great with a dramatic scraped back high ponytail and extreme winged eyeliner and super defined cheekbones, alternatively, it could be dressed down with a pair of biker boots! thanks! lucycreedon97@gmail.com

  64. I'd style the dress with Black Studded Litas, The Blouse with Red Pencil skirt with Macs 'Russian Red' Lippie. The skirt with a Black 'The Smiths' tshirt-Heavy Black Cat eyeliner and pink nude lippie.


    You are awesome Leanne! X

  65. I'd wear the dress with a floral headband, red lips, denim jacket, lots of rings and platform black trainers.

    I follow you on tumblr (returnofthenative) and youtube (xundercoverpenguinx)

    Email: xundercoverpenguinx@gmail.com

  66. I would wear the top with a pair of grey high waisted jeans,black combat boots or black foral flats and some chunky bracelets
    i would wear the dress with a pair of cream plattfrom heels and my hair up in a messy bun :)


  67. I would wear the skirt with a band tshirt and converse with a leather jacket on top and a high ponytail with a quiff :)
    I would wear the black and white top with high waisted jeans or shorts, and dr martens on top with my hair in a messy topknot. :)
    I would wear the dress with tights and dms or black heels and my hair in a french plait to show off the back :)


  68. Follow me on Twitter - Sunaina_92
    Subscribe to me on Youtube - Littlechronicle007
    Follow this blog on Bloglovin' - Sunaina D
    'Like' Thunder & Threads on Facebook - Sunaina Deol
    'Like' Leanne Woodfull on Facebook - Sunaina Deol
    Following via GFC - Sunaina

    I love all these items! I would style the Romwe Skirt with a plain black polo crop top, black knee length socks with gold spiked statement necklace, neon painted nails and a pair of neon converse! xxxx

  69. Id love to style that leather skirt with my fake litas and a velvet crop top on a night out! :)

    Twitter: louisewright_
    Youtube: Louisewright
    Bloglovin: louisewrightt11@gmail.com
    Facebook: Louise wright
    Instagram: Paulie3939 (my dads account haha)

  70. Thanks for the give away x
    I'de style the leather skirt with just a white crop top, a rose gold chunky chain necklace, red lipstick and some jeffrey campbell coltranes x

    email: emmahulse@msn.com x

  71. I would style the monochrome shirt with a pair of miistas iridescent brogues or their turquoise ombre boots and my highwaisted leather-esque skinny trousers and my red tophat with a peacock feather

    For the beautiful dress I would also pair it with my red tophat and simple sheer black stockings with my velvet wine boots

    And for the leather skirt I would simply pair that with my chiffon floral shirt and my leopard print shoes accompanied with studs and buckles galore. And of course my beloved top hat!

    How can you not love leather, leopard print, and tophats?!


  72. I'd style the skirt with sheer over the knee socks and a pair of killer platform ankle boots :)
    Already following you on everything but instagram because I don't have it!


  73. Fab outfits :D I would style the black top with the white collar with skinny black cigarette pants and strapped sandals
    I would style the leather skirt with a white crisp sleeveless blouse to contrast the top!
    And for the dress I would pair it with some nude shoes and let the dress do the talking :D


  74. i'd wear the leather skirt with a croptop

  75. I would style the leather skirt with a Grungy band tee , a 70's vintage snap back , and some socks with docs .
    Or with a sleeveless button down , a patterned bow waist belt and a fedora and some patterned loafers (I like hats as you can tell)
    iloved@icloud.com <<le email (:
    Tumblr- lilakoi.tumblr.com
    Twitter- @simpli_marie
    Facebook- de-Evelyne Marie
    YouTube- observantMarie
    Ig- @benet_moon
    Blog- lilakoi (:

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  79. I'd style the dress with my hair up, some spikey rings,a plain black clutch and jeffrey campbell lita's.
    I'd style the top with an over sized blazer, navy pencil skirt and heeled brogues.
    I'd style the skirt with a band t shirt and velvet doc martens.

    Email address - catrionamcqueen@hotmail.com

    I'm subscribed to you on YouTube have liked both your Facebook pages and follow you on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. xox

  80. I'd style the crop top with a bright coloured bodycon, for the extra pop of colour!
    I'd style the studded skirt with an oversized jumper or a loose blazer with a nice crop top!

    Email address - leannedalyx@gmail.com

    Following you on GFC - Makeup Blast
    Twitter - @LeanneBroderick.
    YouTube - leannedalyx
    Bloglovin - Makeupblast
    Liked & followed on facebook and twitter - Leanne Broderick
    Instagram - leannebroderick
    Tumblr - smilingforlife

    Basically every entry possible, I've taken! :P

    It's great to see you back on your feet and being so positive! Delighted for you Leanne, I really am! xxx

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  82. The tie dye skirt is unreal,wow..
    >I'd style the black leather skirt with half wine docmartins and a peterpan collared cream blouse with a check red blazer.
    >Also style the dress with a faux fur cream coat,boot heels and a choker necklace. My names Niamh and >my email "niamhyyxo@Gmail.com''
    >my instagram ''niamhykinz_xo''
    >my twitter ''iloveEdsheeran_''
    Also I like and follow you on everythinggg:-)

  83. I'd style the leather skirt with a cropped striped polo neck top, black tights and my orange doc martens
    I follow you on everything except facebook (don't have one)
    email: orlamcollins@gmail.com
    I'm orlamcollins on twitter, instagram and bloglovin'
    youtube: divagala
    tumblr: mextal.tumblr.com

  84. Beautttttt items.
    I'd style the shirt with some patterned high waisted trousers or shorts. The dress is so gorgeous on its own, I'd just keep it simple and accessorize it with some discreet earrings and chunky heels. I'd style the skirt in a number of ways, I would wear it with a distressed t-shirt for a casual look, or dress it up by pairing it with a lacy top in a pale colour.
    I follow you on twitter-@rubygove
    I follow you on tumblr- we-will-become-sillhouettes
    I have liked both pages on facebook-Ruby Gove
    I follow you on instagram - rubygove
    I'm subscribed to you on you tube- ruby.gove@gmail.com
    I follow you on bloglovin - http://bloglovin.com/rubygove
    email- ruby.gove@googlemail.com

    I absolutely love your style!You're such an inspiration :)

  85. I'd style the skirt with a vintage 60/70's blouse because I think the contrast would be interesting and I'd pair it with my long grey coat with a fur collar. For shoes I'd wear some black platform boots to go with the skirt- and you can't forget the dark lipstick!

    I'm following you on:
    YouTube: ameliaandthemusic
    Twitter: acousticamelia
    Facebook&Thundetandthreads: Amelia Wallace
    Bloglovin: Amelia Wallace
    Instagram: acousticamelia

  86. I would style everything with a pair of heels.

    Email address - valerieosipova@hotmail.com
    Following you on GFC- vaal_8
    Youtube - Vaaal8
    Facebook - Valerie Osipova
    Instagram - valerieo0

  87. My comment doesnt seem to be showing but I would style the skirt with a contrasting white lace crop top, bright chunky heels, chunky silver jewellery, a siomple up do, flick of eyeliner and splash of bright lipstick, along with my go-to sunnies and a smile ;)

    I did all the extras!

  88. maybe too late but seems like fun to enter anyway so here goes!
    i'd style the dress very simple. hair loosely up to show off the back. bright pink lip and black heels, and then a large array of rings!
    the blouse i'd pop on with my coral lace shorts, some opaque knee highs, creepers, chunky silver cuff and rings, spiked headband and a pink purple lip.
    and as for the skirt..i'd definitely go black tights and black heeled boots. probably band tee, chunky gold chain and rings, red lips and super messy hair!
    thanks for being so cool!!


  89. i would wear the first top with tights and some awsome high heels

    i would wear the next top with some cute shorts and doc. martains

    i would wear the skirt with a band top and some creepers and tights

    email rachelmelia356@gmail.com

  90. I would wear the black dress with HUGE red heels and a classic audrey hepburn hair-do!The shirt with my mechanical black milk leggings and the skirt with a dainty white blouse! (glad to hear your surgery was a success)
    one of your irish followers xox

  91. Delighted! Thanks Leanne, was over the moon when I saw the tweet to say that I'd won! much love! xox


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