Top 5 Summer Scents for 2013

Oh, does it feel good to finally start writing Summer-related posts! It's fair to say that I, and most of the country, are sick of this prolonged Winter and are yearning for some heat and sun. Let's face it, Ireland usually gets the odd week (month, if we're lucky) of Summer weather, so fashion and fragrances keep my Summer spirits ongoing up until Autumn. I'm quite a scent lover, so I thought a selection of my ultimate picks for Summer 2013 would be of interest to you!

Euphoria* - Gorilla perfume from Lush: This teeny-tiny perfume has been a favourite of mine for a few months now. Euphoria is one of Lush's newest Gorilla perfumes; inspired by the oils of aromatherapy. It smells fresh, clean and herbal - light and ideal for hot weather. The scent lasts all day on the skin and it's perfect to pop in your handbag and touch-up throughout the day. If you're not into typical girlie floral/ fruity scents, give this a sniff. It's the only perfume of its kind in my collection, and I adore it. Lush sell their Gorilla perfumes in all sizes and different types of bottles, I'd recommend getting one with a spritzer as applying this without one can get messy!

Satsuma Body Mist* - The Body Shop: After falling in love with the Satsuma Shower Gel my friend Tara sent me last month, I've developed a new love for the body mist from the same range. I received this last year at an event, and completely forgot I had it in my stash for months! If you love the smell of The Body Shop stores, this is literally what they smell like in a bottle. It's citrusy and juicy - not too sweet, not too sour. I end up spraying half of the bottle on me at a time, as it's so delicious. The scent lasts all day, especially when I spritz a bit through my hair - I always get compliments when I wear it. The 100ml bottle has lasted me ages, although do try the smaller size if you're not too sure that you'll use the full 100ml. If you're like me and become obsessed with certain scents, expect to double this up as a room spray - I can't get enough!

Daisy Sunshine* - Marc Jacobs: Would you believe this is my first Marc Jacobs fragrance to own!? I'm definitely late to the party on this one, but can see where the hype lies. Marc Jacobs has brought out new fragrances for Summer; the Sunshine editions of his most popular scents. The bottle for Daisy 'Sunshine' is an absolute stunner in itself, definitely a dressing-table keeper for when it runs out. The scent is floral and fruity, not the most unique scent but it is gorgeous. It's feminine, fresh and I expect the majority of people will like it. It's a fantastic to get someone for a birthday present, as they'll most likely adore it - if not, I'm sure the bottle will please them enough.

Cédrat* - Roger & Gallet: I've been trying and testing Roger & Gallet fragrances for over a year now and Cédrat has been my favourite so far, by a mile! It's quite a masculine scent (which I love), although it was designed for women. It's so fresh; a mouthwash for the body - an instant zing! It'd be an ideal scent for yet again, those of you who don't like anything too girlie or sweet. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I adore this scent; all of the Roger & Gallet fragrances are beautiful, but none have stood out to me as much as Cédrat. I see no reason as to why a guy couldn't wear this, and personally I think it'd suit men quite well. You're able to buy travel-sized versions of these sprays, so I'd highly recommend picking this up if you're travelling this Summer. I can think of no better scent to pop in your suitcase!

My Place Or Yours, Gina - Benefit: I couldn't exclude my all-time favourite perfume in this post, as it screams Summer all over (although I do wear this all year round). Benefit's 'Gina' (for short) is everything I love in a perfume; it's sweet yet not overpoweringly so, it's musky yet feminine and SO addictive. Benefit are known for their devine packaging, but I especially love their perfume bottles. Unfortunately, their perfumes tend to go unnoticed amongst their makeup and skincare products. Gina is my favourite Benefit product of all time and I'm a HUGE Benefit fan! I wear Gina at least twice a week, and I'll never not be head over heels for it. It's a fun scent to wear, ideal for sunshine weather. It's my trademark scent and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I urge you all to smell Benefit's perfumes - you'll fall in love with at least one of them, trust me!

What's your go-to fragrance for Summer?