Sunglasses Wishlist & Laser Eye Surgery Ramblings

Oh, sunglasses - how I heart thee! I've been quite obsessed with sunglasses for a good few years now; always buying new frames for Summer. They're a piece that can instantly transform and jazz up an outfit! I like and own both high-street and high-end frames, of all different styles and colours. I've had my eye on all of the frames pictured above, but doubt I'll buy anymore this year (nearly 10 pairs of sunglasses is more than enough). However, I'm sure some of you will like the frames above and maybe, just maybe, you'll buy a pair and send me a picture of you wearing them! They're all so beautiful. I tend to go for quite retro and kitsch frames; something classic or something quirky. 
One of the only downfalls to wearing sunglasses for me, is that none of the frames I own are prescription! I never like any of the prescription glasses on sale in my opticians, so I continue to go about my day shielded from the sun but still blind as a bat. I've written about my whole eyesight journey before (see here) and love my current Missoni frames to death, but I'd love to eventually get rid of the hassle of wearing glasses. I'm looking to get laser eye surgery in a few years, as wearing glasses can be quite irritating for me at times. I'm looking at places such as Optical Express to go and undergo the laser eye treatment  (visit them here), as I've heard many great "life changing" stories referred back to them (especially from their Dundrum premises). If any of you have undergone laser eye surgery, please let me know in a comment below. I know I'll probably have to wait a few years until my eye sight stabilises and until I save enough money for it, but planning it now wouldn't do any harm. I'm not even two months recovering from my jaw surgery and already I'm thinking of the next bump in the road to get over! I've been reading a heap of forums and blog posts on the experience (especially this one) and have to say the thought of it bloody terrifies me. However, if I can get through having both of my jaws broken, I'm sure I could get through this!

What sunglasses are you wearing at the moment? Spot any you like above?