My Underbite Experience. (Post-Surgery) Days 21-33

 Evening all! I've passed the one month mark of my surgery, finally. Like I've said before, it's definitely not an experience that has 'flown by' for me at all! The last month has dragged on, and I'm glad to be nearing the five week mark. I've visited both my orthodontist and surgeon twice since my last post, and everything is just about going to plan. My orthodontist will resume my orthodontic work next week, as my jaw bones are well enough for her to change my wires and all that jazz.
I took a photo of my post-surgery X-ray for you guys at the hospital this week (above) - as you can see I have four vertical plates in my top jaw, and two horizontal ones in my bottom jaw. You can also see where the fractures were made in the jaw bones themselves, and where everything is being held in place together. It's freaky to look at as it's all inside of me, but it's amazing to know those little screws have changed my life! According to the nurse, I won't beep walking through airports with my plates in - something I was genuinely curious and anxious about. Some surgeons remove the screws and plates after a few months, but my surgeon said it isn't necessary. Unless they feck up on me in the future, I won't be heading in for another surgery anytime soon - please god! 
Healing-wise, there's not much to elaborate on. I'm getting the odd pain here and there, seeing as my numbness is slowly but surely going away. My eye socket has feeling back in it, along with the very tip of my tongue and my jawline. Everything else is still numb, my chin and bottom lip being the numbest as I've said before. Numbness after double jaw surgery isn't expected to fully go for at least six months, so don't panic if half of your face is still dead after a few weeks. I barely notice the heaviness of the numb areas or the pins and needles anymore. Physically, the swelling has gone down quite a bit. I'm still swollen around my inner cheeks and nose but it isn't noticeable to someone who doesn't know I had anything done! More or less all of the stitches inside of my mouth have disolved, so I can just about manage a smile and more facial movements. Smiling is so awkward and unnatural to do, especially with my numb lip - my lips tend to shrink anytime I attempt a smile, as it's like I suck my lips in when I try. Hopefully, my natural smile in a few months will look a lot better than the smiles pictured below!
My surgeon gave me the all-clear on Friday to take my elastics out when I'm eating. (Elastics are the same as wires by the way, a few of you were confused by this! The term to 'wire' shut your jaws isn't literal; surgeons don't use actual wires anymore. They use extra-strong elastic bands.) This is such a relief for me, as eating is such a hassle. I currently have six wires in my mouth; two at the front, and two at the back on each side. I remove to the two front ones when eating, and put them back in straight away after! I can open my mouth the width of my baby finger, so I'm able to push in tiny chopped-up pieces of food into my mouth. I'm still unable to chew, so I swallow them whole - things like soft pasta, spaghetti hoops and scrambled eggs are the easiest to currently eat! Due to half of my tongue still being numb, my taste sensations aren't the best. I can only half-taste food; it's something I hope comes back as soon as possible. 
My appetite is still pretty bad, as I'm technically not eating as of yet. The pasta I do "eat", is chopped into one inch pieces and pushed into the small gap in my mouth. One of my favourite meals at the moment, is creamy mashed potato and spaghetti hoops mashed into it. The tomato sauce makes everything that bit easier to digest, and it's so yum! I'm continuing to live off of Weetabix and milkshakes, as they fill me up and give me the most energy. (Check out my milkshake recipe here.)
I had a slight scare during the week, in regards to my bite. One of my wires snapped off and I saw my teeth properly for the first time since the surgery without everything covering them. My midline was meant to be corrected during the surgery, as many of you know, but unfortunately a complication has arisen - in typical Leanne style! A bracket from my brace became loose during the surgery, so one of my bottom teeth has started moving all over the shop. (It just goes to show you how important retainers are after braces!) Because of this tooth, my midline has been wacked off again, along with another few teeth. Out of sheer panic and paranoia, I went to my orthodontist on my birthday last Thursday, and she assured me everything is fixable within a few months. I cried like a baby out of fright, thinking everything was messing up on me. It sounds ludicrous, but I have this fear that I'll wake up one morning with my underbite suddenly back!
Expect the odd panic attack or two during this, it's bloody scary. At the end of the day, you have two broken jaws and a heap of metal bits and bobs stuck inside you from here on in. It's a lot to take in, emotionally and physically. Expect mood swings, dodgy sleeping patterns, lack of energy and so on. Don't expect to be out and about daily, you'll end up weak and collapsing into bed every night. You have to keep in mind that your jaw bones don't heal for three months - relax and take it easy for those three months. This isn't something you should rush, at all. Try and stay as positive as you can, it's the beginning of a new chapter - with a brand new face to go along with that!

(I'll be posting my Post-Surgery Days 1-28 vlog on my Youtube channel this week, I'm still trying to figure out editing with iMovie - it'll be full of clips and pictures from day one until the one month mark. Make sure you're subscribed if you want to see it as soon as it's uploaded!)